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Quattrone Center Research Fellows

Quattrone Research Fellows

Thought leaders on issues pertaining to the reduction of errors – blending law and scientific research, both social science and new technology, to take a “systems approach” to improve the criminal justice system.


About the Fellowship

Designed for scholars interested in pursuing academic careers in areas related to the Quattrone Center’s work, fellows enjoy faculty access to the Law School’s services and full participation in all Quattrone Center events. This is a full-time commitment and fellows are expected to be in residence at the Law School for the duration of the fellowship. Fellows receive a full year of funding and are eligible for renewal for an additional year. Fellows are expected to produce at least one original academic work during each year of funding. In addition to conducting their individual research and writing projects, each fellow’s responsibilities will also include providing support for the Quattrone Center’s existing and new programs, including the development of reports and proposals.

To Apply

Complete the Quattrone Center Fellowship Application

The application deadline is December 31 of each calendar year.


Laura Abelson

Laura Abelson

Quattrone Center Research Fellow

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