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Quattrone Center

The Quattrone Center is a national research and policy hub created to catalyze long term structural improvements to the US criminal justice system.


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Paul Heaton

How AI Tools Can Help Assess Verbal Eyewitness Statements

Quattrone Center Academic Director Paul Heaton’s new paper explores how he and his co-authors trained a large language model (LLM) to parse eyewitness confidence statements.

police car with flashing lights at night

‘False Positive’ Field Drug Tests Lead to Wrongful Convictions

A pathbreaking Quattrone Center report shows that the use of presumptive field tests in drug arrests is one of largest known contributing factors to wrongful arrests and convictions.

The Case for Sentinel Event Reviews

Quattrone Center Executive Director John F. Hollway C’92, MAPP’18 explains how SERs can improve the criminal justice system.

Crime scene

Driving Systemic Change to Prevent Domestic Violence Fatalities

The Quattrone Center and the City of San Francisco have released a report recommending policies and procedures to reduce domestic violence-related fatalities.

Quattrone conference Eugene Gilyard

Our Approach to Creating a Better Criminal Justice System

 Through its emphasis on data-driven, systemic solutions, the Law School’s Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice has become a national leader in reform efforts.

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John Hollway

The Quattrone Center’s Systems Approach

John F. Hollway C’92, Executive Director of the Quattrone Center, discusses the Center being a world-class policy hub for researching, debating, and framing solutions to the system’s most crucial problems.

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