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Expert Papers

Regulatory Excellence and Lucidity
Robert Baldwin
London School of Economics

Responsive Excellence
John Braithwaite
Australian National University

A Systems Approach to Regulatory Excellence
Angus Corbett
Penn Program on Regulation

Regulatory Excellence:  Lessons from Theory and Practice
Daniel C. Esty
Yale University

Beyond Best-in-Class: Three Secrets to Regulatory Excellence
Adam M. Finkel
University of Pennsylvania

Regulatory Equilibrium
Ted Gayer
Brookings Institution

Beyond Process Excellence: Enhancing Societal Well-Being
John D. Graham
Indiana University

Paul R. Noe
American Forest & Paper Association


Compliance, Enforcement, and Regulatory Excellence
Neil Gunningham
Australian National University

Regulatory Excellence and Democratic Accountability
Kathryn Harrison
University of British Columbia

What Makes a Regulator Excellent? A Risk Regulation Perspective
Bridget M. Hutter
London School of Economics

Regulatory Excellence via Multiple Forms of Expertise
David Levi-Faur
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

What Makes a Regulator Excellent?: Mission, Funding, Information, and Judgment
Shelley H. Metzenbaum
Gaurav Vasisht
Volcker Alliance

Performance Principles for Regulators
Donald P. Moynihan
University of Wisconsin

Regulatory Excellence:  The Role of Policy Learning and Reputation
David Vogel
University of California, Berkeley

Regulating by the Stars
Wendy Wagner
University of Texas

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