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Penn Law's 2007 Visual Legal Advocacy Roundtable

Examples of visual legal advocacy done by panelists

The website of the Penn Program on Documentaries & the Law provides an overview of the Program. The Project’s goals of incorporating the analysis and production of nonfiction film into the Law School’s scholarly and pedagogical agenda are explained in an article written by the Program’s Director.

The Documentaries & the Law website contains law-related videos done by Penn Law Students.
Student Videos

Martin Brigham is a personal injury lawyer who specializes in products liability cases involving burn injuries. He has represented children who were burned in oven tipover accidents. Some of the footage from settlement documentaries made by Mr. Brigham was incorporated into KYW/CBS3 news stories exposing the danger.

A settlement video is basically a visual summary of a case. It addresses the points of contention between the parties and highlights the strengths of the client’s case.

Sarah and Emily Kunstler are the founders of Off Center Media, a non-profit media advocacy and documentary production company. Many of the clemency videos they have made are streamed on their website.

YouTube has streamed public interest videos produced by lawyers.  See, for example, the Paxil Settlement Announcement which was produced by the Public Citizen Litigation Group and Guantanamo Unclassified, a video made by William Teesdale of the Federal Public Defender’s Office in Portland, Oregon, in support of detainee Adel Hamad.

The websites of organizations like WITNESS and Breakthrough TV, which are devoted to producing videos and other forms of media to expose international human rights violations occurring throughout the world, serve as examples for what might be done in the area of domestic social injustice.

Scribe Video Center which is located at 4212 Chestnut Street has been an important partner in the development of the Penn Program on Documentaries & the Law. A nonprofit community media organization devoted to the advancement of the “use of video as an artistic medium and as a tool for progressive social change,” Scribe offers a host of workshops on video production.