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Fewer Stays, Fewer Days: The Bronx Defenders and How Holistic Defense Reduces Mass Incarceration

It’s Time to Right the Wrong: The Case for Compensating Pennsylvania Exonerees

Dialogue on Demagoguery

Blended Practices: Public Defenders, Innovative Social Services & Clients Struggling with Addiction

Profiled in Life & Death: Crime Victims Compensation and Young People of Color (Revised 1/2/2020)

CADCOM Participatory Defense Hub

Defamation Today : A Tool of Vindication or Vengeance?

On, Not Shut Off: Increasing Utility Affordability for Low-Income Pennsylvanians.

Second Looks, Second Chances

A Dignified Death

Wrongful Arson Convictions and Developments in the Forensics of Fire Investigations

Your House Is Their House (with Epilogue)

Representing Yourself in Custody Court: One Parent’s Experiences

Inside Custody Court: Factors Relevant to Custody Decisions

Looking for Justice: The Eugene Gilyard Story and Best Practices for Eyewitness Identification

Nowhere to Run: Giving Philly’s Urban Youth a Place to Play

Food for Thought - Part One: Wage Theft

Food for Thought - Part Two: Absence of Paid Sick Leave

Food for Thought - Part Three: Workers Diners and Owners Unite

Between Worlds: Immigrant Women and Domestic Violence

Deed Fraud

Empower: Protecting Children with Disabilities Through SSI

Pay Up! Criminal Justice Debt in Philadelphia

Mothers in Prison: The impact of incarceration on motherhood

Boxed Out: Criminal Records & The “Ban the Box” Movement in Philadelphia

Jackpot: The Legal and Social Implications of Gambling in the Black Community

We Didn’t Come Here to Fight: The Struggle for a Safe Education

Notarios Notorios (Notorious Notarios) - A Penn Law VLA Production

American Dream Shattered (A Penn Law VLA Production)

Tips on Protecting Yourself When You Hire an Immigration Lawyer or Legal Advisor (Cantonese)

Shmul Kaplan (A Penn Law VLA Production)

The Sugiarto Family Deferred Action Application

Addressing domestic violence in the Muslim American community

Center for Culinary Enterprises: A Recipe for Economic Development (A Penn Law VLA Production)

Children Given One Strike: A Lifetime Without Redemption (A Penn Law VLA Production)

Imagining Sadie

“A Done Deal?” Casinos in Philadelphia