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National Archive of Clemency Videos

  1. Capital Defendants
    1. Robert Alton Harris (Calif.)
    2. Manuel Pina Babbitt (Calif.)
    3. Abu Ali Abdur Rahman (Tenn.)
    4. Thomas Miller-El (Tex.)
    5. James Vernon Allridge, III (Tex.)
    6. Wanda Jean Allen (Okla.) (the footage from the clemency video was completely incorporated into the feature length-documentary “The Execution of Wanda Jean”)
    7. Jack Dale Walker (Okla.)
    8. Marilyn Kay Plantz (Okla.)
    9. John Spirko (Ohio)
    10. John Dennis Daniels (N.C.)
    11. Anthony Apavovitch (Ohio)
    12. Stanley (“Tookie”) Williams (Calif.)
    13. Vernon Evans, Jr. (Md.)
    14. Kevin Stanford (Ky.)
    15. Gary Graham (Shaka Sankofa) (Tex.)
    16. Juan Garza (U.S.)
    17. Philip Workman (Tenn.)
    18. Louis Joe Truesdale, Jr. (S.C.)
    19. Richard Charles Johnson (S.C.)
    20. Andrew (“Andy”) Lavern Smith (S.C.)
    21. Sylvester Louis Adams (S.C.)
    22. Dominique Jerome Green (Tex.)
    23. Scott Panetti (Tex.)
  2. Groups of Lifers
    1. The Framingham 8 (Mass.) (“Defending Our Lives” won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short)
    2. Mich. Battered Prisoners (featured in the feature-length documentary “From One Prison”)
    3. The Norfolk Four (Va.)
  3. Individual Lifers
    1. Patsy Kelly Jarrett (N.Y.) (clemency video was excerpted from the Frontline 2 documentary “The Plea”)
    2. Leonard Peltier (essentially the message of the documentary feature “Incident at Oglala”)
    3. Dylcia Pagan (essentially the message of the documentary “The Double Life of Ernesto Gomez Gomez” which focuses on her son)
  4. Defendants Charged with Drug Offenses
    1. Darryl Best (N.Y.)