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“Is Copyright Phanatical?” Video Playback Available

A CTIC-PIPG presentation with litigator David Wolfsohn

Adjunct Prof. Sarah Hammer and CTIC Academic Fellow Giovanna Massarotto explore the business and legal implications of cryptocurrency

Hammer discussed cryptocurrency’s role in various industries, while Massarotto explored the issue of regulation.

CTIC Academic Fellow Giovanna Massarotto explores whether technologies are ruling markets

Massarotto, along with Prof. Yoo, will discuss competition issues associated with the use of algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive analytics in business decisions during Penn Law Antitrust Association’s annual seminar.

CTIC Interdisciplinary Scholarship Program is accepting applications from JD students pursuing joint degrees in law and technology

The CTIC Interdisciplinary Scholarship Program awards $40,000 to up to three students to help offset tuition expenses for their additional year of study at Penn Engineering.