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The Journal of Law & Innovation (JLI) publishes writings by academics, practitioners, and policymakers on a variety of topics including intellectual property, privacy, data-protection, cybersecurity, smart-contracts, anti-trust, fintech, internet policy, and the impact of policy and legal doctrine on innovation. 

The Journal publishes one volume each year in the spring. Each volume features several articles that relate to a preselected topic that also serves as the topic of our yearly symposium held in the spring. The topic for Volume 5 to be published in Summer 2022 will be Innovation and Criminal Justice.

We welcome submissions of articles addressing the relationship of law and innovation. Articles with a focus that relates to the topic are preferred. The deadline for submissions for Volume 5 is February 25, 2022. 

Please send all submissions to and include:

  • Author Name
  • Author Credentials
  • Author Email Address
  • Author Phone Number
  • Title of Work and Abstract
  • PDF Submission