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The Journal of Law & Innovation functions as a year-long seminar course and publication of University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School. Journal members have the unique opportunity to work closely with faculty exploring the intersection of law and technology and facilitating production and editing of prevalent scholarship within law, innovation, and technology. The journal is published as a single-issue, in a symposium format.

During the Fall semester, journal members work with the faculty editor(s) in the seminar to read prominent legal scholarship on the topic and learn how to critically analyze legal scholarship.

During the Spring semester, journal members assist with the running and organization of a major symposium on the topic, work with the symposium authors to substantively edit their pieces, and help bring the journal to print before the end of the academic year.

Application process

Applications are released at the beginning of the Spring semester, and are due at the end of March. Selection to the journal and the course will be based on a combination of the following criteria:

  1. Writing and editing skills, assessed through a short 1,000-word memorandum (“Memorandum”) written as a response to a piece of law and technology scholarship. Details about the memorandum component will be released with the application at the beginning of the spring semester.
  2. Overall Law School performance, for which applicants will have to submit an informal transcript indicating the classes that they have previously taken and their performance in those classes.
  3. Proof of having taken, or a commitment to taking, at least one class in the area of law and innovation (taught by a member of the CTIC faculty) either prior to or during the applicant’s membership on the Journal.

Interested applicants should submit their resume, unofficial transcript, memorandum and mock edit letter (1Ls only) at a link that will be found here when the application period opens.

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