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Presenters for the event are:

Timothy BrennanUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
Paper: The Post-Internet Order Ecosystem: Lessons from the Pre- Internet Order Experience

Keith HyltonBoston University School of Law
Paper: Law, Social Welfare, and Net Neutrality

Michael KatzUniversity of California, Berkeley
Paper: TBA

John MayoGeorgetown University
Paper: The Evolution of “Competition”: Lessons for 21st Century Telecommunications Policy

Roger NollStanford University
Paper: Incentives to Invest in the Debate over Net Neutrality Rules

Christopher YooUniversity of Pennsylvania Carey Law School
Paper: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Net Uniformity:  Towards a Better Implementation of Nondiscrimination and Interconnection


Discussants for the conference are:

Michelle ConnollyDuke University

Shane GreensteinHarvard Business School

David SappingtonUniversity of Florida

Lawrence WhiteNew York University