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The University of Pennsylvania’s Criminal Law Research Group began in the fall of 2004 as a project to give students an opportunity to work on real-world projects of importance that could improve the state of criminal law in the country and around the world.

Taking as “clients” only governments and nongovernmental organizations, the CLRG has taken on projects involving criminal code drafting, criminal law analysis, the criminal justice policy. Below are the past members of this highly selective group.

CLRG - Spring 2016 Back row: Daniel Jordan, Adria Moshe, Professor Robinson, Professor Zulifqar, Doug Helman, Adam Mendel
Front row: Emily Reineberg, Sierra Shear, Mary Toscano, Colleen McCullough, Karen Wong


CLRG - Fall 2015 Top row: Matthew Kussmaul, Paul Robinson
Bottom row: James Hwang, Courtney Skarupski, Philip Griffin


CLRG - Spring 2015 Top row: Sierra Shear, Paul Robinson, Victoria Morris, Adria Moshe
Bottom row: Nicole Bredariol, Bethan Jones, Jennifer Cilingin


CLRG - Fall 2013 First Row (L-R): Matthew Kussmaul, Matthew Funk, Camber Stoddard, Paul Robinson, Matthew Celano, Tanner Mathison
Second Row (L-R): Andreas Kuersten, Jacob Lefkowitz, Jake Branchaud-Linck, Daniel Ramos, Jason Thompson


CLRG - Fall 2010 First Row (L to R): Benjamin Probber, Jessica Peake Second Row (L to R): Nicholas Feltham, Kristen-Elise Brooks, Rebecca Levenson, Agatha Koprowski Third Row (L to R): Andrew Sperl, Brian Trainor, Professor Paul H. Robinson


CLRG - Fall 2009 (L to R): Professor Paul H. Robinson, Phontip Tanompongphandh, Megan Schultz, Katherine Zlock, Thomas Gaeta, Douglas Weck, Matthew Majarian, Henry Klein


CLRG - Fall 2008 (L to R): Matthew Martin, Kara Unal, Isaac Glassman, Professor Paul H. Robinson, Michael O’Connor, Billy Bruno, Spencer Willig, Kenji Price.


CLRG - Fall 2005 First Row (L to R): John Lin, Mitali Nagrecha, Thomas O’Brien, Meg Kammerud, Prof. Paul H. Robinson, Maya Sosnov, Adnan Zulfiqar, Lindsay Suttenberg Second Row (L to R): Chanda DeLong, Laura Gleason, Rebecca Santoro, Michael Orchowski, Elizabeth Gerlach


CLRG - Spring 2005 First Row (L-R): Lindsay Suttenberg, Adam Pollock, Sarah Greenberger, Laura Lane Gleason, Elizabeth Gerlach, Negar Katirai, Natalie Cotton Second Row (L-R): J. John Lee, David Brown, Thomas Stenson, John Lin, Prof. Paul H. Robinson, Amir Vonsover, Adnan Zulfiqar, Aryeh Zuber, Marc Melzer  


CLRG - Fall 2004 First Row (L-R): J. John Lee, David Simon, Angela Migally, Prof. Paul. H. Robinson, Thomas Stenson, Elizabeth Gerlach, Adam Brenneman, Kristian Brand, Katherine Bierlein, Robert Griffith Second Row (L-R): David Brown, John Lin, Adam Pollock, Laura Gleason, Karen Lantz, Negar Katirai, Grace Hsieh, Rachel Cherington, Marc Melzer, Adnan Zulfiqar