Future Development

Ambitions of the Center

Looking to the future the Center hopes to strengthen its ability to achieve its mission by engaging with residents of Philadelphia, and providing outreach to parties of interest in the world at large, and to provide resources and innovatively structured educational opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students in law and philosophy, and rising professionals.

Local, National, and International Outreach

CERL will present local events with a global outreach, employing the resources of CERL in coordination with Law Schools, University external affairs officials, and media outlets, advertising to the local Philadelphia audience of citizens and students, and using the CERL website and professional organization information sharing sites.  With minimal cost, using assets at hand, but with maximum effect, CERL' events can be simulcast via streaming audio or video across the  internet, indeed saving potentially tremendous travel costs for some attendees, and making access to CERL's resources possible for the distant and the financially disadvantaged.  Event presentations, reading materials, papers, and the like can be accessed anytime and preserved for posterity through the CERL website.


In an effort to increase understanding of the rule of law, CERL plans to offer an advanced seminar for undergraduates, possibly taught by the graduate fellow, as well as visiting board members and selected subject matter experts, exploring rule of law issues. As discussed in Section II, professional judgment in a variety of domains conflicts with the protection of the rule of law due to the constraints of the role in which that judgment must operate. Thus, as individuals who pursue diverse professions how to approach rule of law issues is especially relevant to undergraduates.  Furthermore, many undergraduates in the past have petitioned to take and have succeed in law school classes, such as "Jurisprudence of War Crimes" and "Law of War," demonstrating their ability to understand as well as their unquenched desire to be introduced to rigorous legal thought and cutting-edge interpretations of eternal and emergent issues.  

Graduate Fellows

The Center will be a guiding force for law students' research and career aspirations, offering law students who are interested in topics related to CERL's mission the opportunity to be CERL Graduate Fellows. Additional graduate student fellows might include members of the philosophy department, political science department, Wharton Legal Studies, etc., who were engaged in serious academic work on topics related to the work of the Center. CERL Graduate Fellows would meet with the Center's Director once a month to present their own work in progress, or to discuss pre-assigned material.  Fellows would also have the opportunity to meet many of the most eminent thinkers in the field by attending the Center's conferences as well as more intimate special sessions with invited guests, and, in turn, senior graduate fellows would gain experience instructing while increasing the understanding of the importance of the rule of law by offering special lectures designed specifically for the residents of Philadelphia, as well as citizens of the world at large.  Finally, in an effort to cultivate future leaders in the profession, and ties with other leading institutions and organizations, The CERL Director, Board members, and conference attendees will be strongly encouraged to match Graduate Fellows with career mentors, with whom they might coauthor publications, and from whom career guidance and placement opportunities may be obtained.

Outside Research Fellow

 In addition to the graduate student fellows, the Center will seek resourcing for at least one outside, faculty-level CERL Research Fellow each semester. The outside Research Fellow, ordinarily a senior faculty member or leader at their home institution, but may also include others such as international scholars, professors, members of the judiciary, practitioners, and governmental officials.  Such Research Fellows would engage with the activities of the Center and the Law School. Special activities of the Center would be organized around the visits of the Research Fellow.