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The Center for Asian Law (CAL) at Penn is a collaborative faculty and student effort to nurture innovative thinking on and analysis of international, and comparative law and policy in Asia. Research at CAL is organized in multi-year programs spearheaded by the faculty directors who have built strong relationships with faculty and scholars at a wide range of Asian region and other institutions around the world. Each year, we host a variety of conferences, workshops and symposia, both at Penn and in collaboration with our partners in Asia. The Center hosts scholars and policy practitioners as Visiting Researchers and Scholars, strengthening our collaborative network, deepening our research and scholarship and connecting with those seeking new approaches to international law, comparative law and Asian law.

The Center has two goals. The first is to engage in cutting-edge thinking in academic and policy-relevant teaching, research and scholarship focused on Asia. The second is to act as a public forum by hosting seminars, workshops and conferences and by providing comparative law scholars at Penn Carey Law and around the world a platform for intellectual exchange.