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Silverman Hall Exterior, Chestnut Street Entrance

Gittis Hall, a modern building on Chestnut Street, connects to historic Silverman Hall (pictured)...

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Care Shoaibi L'24, Sheila Orfano L'24, and Kirsten Hanlon L'24

Excellence in Appellate Advocacy

Care Shoaibi L’24, Sheila Orfano L’24, and Kirsten Hanlon L’24 were awarded “Best Brief” at the 74th Annual NYC Bar National Moot Court Competition.

Rangita de Silva de Alwis

Examining the UN Secretary General’s Independent Assessment of Afghanistan Submitted to the Security Council Under Resolution 2679 of 2023

“At the heart of the gender equality project,” writes Senior Adjunct Professor of Global Leadership Rangita de Silva de Alwis, “is the full and equal right to education of women and girls.”

Sandy Mayson, Professor of Law

Philadelphia Police ‘Failure to Appear’ Stalls Justice

At The Philadelphia Inquirer, Prof. Sandy Mayson writes that court absenteeism by police officers, witnesses, and private attorneys has serious consequences.

Penn Carey Law - shield embossed on glass on wood

Bolstering Clinical Legal Studies

The Gittis Legal Clinics welcomed two new clinical faculty and a full-time social worker, expanding our clinics’ cross-disciplinary capacity.