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Current Sadie Scholars

Dr. Sadie T.M. Alexander Scholars

The Dr. Sadie T.M. Alexander Scholarship aims to support students who demonstrate, through lived, academic, and work experience, the defining qualities of Dr. Alexander: resilience, leadership, a pathbreaking spirit, and a commitment to cross-disciplinary excellence. Dr. Alexander fought racism and sexism to pave the way for future generations, while affecting far-reaching changes in both the public and private sectors across academia, economics, and civil rights. Her achievements in the fields of economics and law informed her enduring focus on advancing racial and economic justice. Dr. Alexander was a leader, devoted to civic engagement and the pursuit of excellence in everything she did. Learn more about our current scholars below.

Class of 2024

Kanyinsola Ajayi

Kanyinsola Ajayi

Rheem Brooks

Rheem Brooks

Angel Reed

Angel Reed


Class of 2025


Camille Awono


David Alan Johnson


Natine Macauley


Juliana Poroye

Virginia Richards

Virginia Richards


Class of 2026


Jamila Bakhit


Beverly Danquah


Nigel Davis


Erica Oosterhout


Ruthie Sifuma


Faculty Advisor

headshot of Prof. Silvia Diaz Silvia Diaz