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July 17, 2024

Faculty Speaker: Tess Wilkinson-Ryan

We welcome you to join us on July 17th for a lunch and learn presentation by Professor Tess Wilkinson-Ryan. Professor Wilkinson-Ryan will be speaking about the psychological research she has done regarding legal and moral decision making, as well as her journey into becoming a professional in the field. If you would like to join virtually, please register HERE

July 18, 2024

Community Planting & Potting

Human Resources invites you to join us in the courtyard to pot new plants for your home or office, propagate any plants you have at home, and create a sense of community as we gather our green thumbs! HR will provide miniature terracotta pots, soil, water and other materials as needed. We encourage those who are interested in contributing to propagate your plants ahead of time and bring them along with you for a sense of community building. Lunch will be provided.

July 23, 2024

Johnson Conference

Johnson conference with ASLH. Invite only


 Access & Equity

Access to the Profession

We are committed to increasing the diversity of our legal
profession by supporting access for members of communities
that have been historically underrepresented. Through pre-law,
law school, and professional programs we target inequity of access
and opportunity, supporting student success.

Our pathway initiatives engage students at every stage of their academic journey beginning at middle school and leading up to higher education and beyond. Program participants learn about the law school experience, application process, and various legal practices available to them with a law degree.

Learn more about our access programs

 Education & Training

E&I advances our Law School’s goals of creating an inclusive and collegial culture where community members pursue knowledge, engage in productive debate, and learn from each other, by facilitating a range of education and training programs for students, staff, and faculty. This wide range of programs includes: Anti-Bias Programs; Dialogue Initiatives; and a customizable Consultation Program.


 Community & Engagement


of the JD student body is comprised of women.


of the 1L class identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.


of the 1L class identifies as a person of color.


of the 1L class is a first-generation professional.

The diversity of community keeps growing

Community voices

The diverse identities, experiences, and perspectives of our community strengthen our learning spaces and facilitate an expansive world view. We elevate and amplify their voices, as we promote a robust exchange of ideas and deep respect for the value of difference.

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Meet our Team

Need Assistance?

E&I supports individuals, departments, and student organizations in advancing their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through the development and implementation of sustainable practices, policies, and procedures. Whether you seek clarification on terminology and best practices, or are exploring a new initiative, E&I looks forward to partnering with you to help you achieve your goals. Consultation appointments are available to students, staff, and faculty at Penn Carey Law.

Request E&I Partnership to:

  • Plan accessible and inclusive events
  • Improve policies and procedures to be even more equitable and inclusive
  • Respond to a concern or recommendation related to DEI
  • Infuse more inclusive best practices into team management
  • Integrate equity and inclusion into existing or new initiatives
  • Help you achieve any additional goals you may have

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For questions about the consultation program, please email

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Office of Equity & Inclusion