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Access to Justice Tech Fellows

Through the Access to Justice Tech Fellowship Program, law students undertake immersive, 10-week, paid summer fellowships with legal organizations to tackle the many barriers preventing low-income Americans from receiving legal help.

The Access to Justice Tech Fellows program is a non-profit organization housed and in affiliation with the Future of the Profession Initiative.


As the next generation of civil justice leaders, A2J Tech Fellows better ensure equitable access to justice for all by learning to leverage technology, data, and user-centered design approaches to innovate new and improved solutions to this global problem.

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Access to Justice Tech Fellows

Our Mission

A2J Tech Fellows seeks to inspire and equip the next generation of civil justice leaders with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to build a more responsive civil justice system — one that ensures equitable access and fair outcomes for low-income and marginalized populations.

The Summer Fellowship Program

The A2J Tech Fellows program provides law students a dynamic learning experience that merges interdisciplinary skills training with practical experience.

At the intersection of access to justice and innovation, law students spend the summer developing innovative projects and initiatives aimed to improve our civil justice system.

Law students gain exposure to the varied uses of technology, data, and design in delivering legal services and develop a deep understanding of the systemic barriers that prevent marginalized communities from receiving adequate legal services.



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Become a Fellow

A2J Tech Fellows seeks entrepreneurial-minded law students who are passionate about ensuring great legal access and eager to spend the summer learning new ways to enhance access to legal resources for low-income individuals and communities.

Access to Justice Tech Fellows

Host a Fellow

A2J Tech Fellows is always looking to work with great legal organizations that can provide fellows a place to thrive and help support the next generation of justice innovators.


Mentor a Fellow

With your mentorship, law students — especially those who are first-generation or from historically underrepresented groups — can learn how to navigate the various institutions, career paths, and opportunities that are vastly spread across the legal field.