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Law 2030 Podcast

This podcast from the Future of the Profession Initiative focuses on the many changes afoot in the legal profession and implications for lawyers, law students, clients and leaders across the industry.


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Dr. Floor Blindenbach-Driessen on How to Structure Private Sector Legal Innovation

Season 2. Episode 3.

Dr. Floor Blindenbach-Driessen is CEO of Organizing4Innovation. Drawing from her background in chemical engineering, Floor works with professional services firms, including law firms, to develop structured processes for developing and measuring the viability of innovation efforts. Floor has researched law firm innovation efforts, and she’s drawn conclusions about how firms can better structure and manage their innovation projects.

On this episode, Floor shares her thoughts on how leaders in legal can shift their mindset around innovation, and why many of these innovation efforts in law firms fail.

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Dr. Larry Richard L’72 on Law Firm Leadership and Lawyer Well-Being in the ‘New’ Normal

Season 2. Episode 2.

Dr. Larry Richard is a graduate of Penn Law’s Class of 1972. He is the founder and principal of LawyerBrain, which supports law firm leaders in understanding how lawyer psychology impacts organizational behavior and client service. Dr. Richard practiced law as a trial attorney for ten years. He then earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from Temple University. For more than twenty years, he has been advising the world’s major law firms with a focus on resilience, change management, leadership, and talent issues.

On this episode, Dr. Richard shares his thoughts on how the pandemic has impacted attorneys and what firms should consider as they create a vision for the post-pandemic workplace.

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Sanjay Kamlani L’94 (1991 Group) on the Evolution of Innovation in Legal

Season 2. Episode 1.

Sanjay Kamlani is a proud alum of Penn Law’s Class of 1994. He is the co-founder and Managing Director of the 1991 Group, a legal industry advisory, software development and technology business incubator that advises law firms on innovation in legal practice and legal business operations.

On this episode, Sanjay discusses entrepreneurship, how innovation efforts in legal has shifted over the last twenty years, and why he sees a DEI crisis on the horizon.

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Marion Leary (Penn Nursing) on How to Develop a Creative Mindset

Season 1. Episode 12.

On this episode of Law 2030, we hear from Marion Leary, Director of Innovation at Penn Nursing. Listen to learn about the natural innovative inclinations of nurses, Marion’s predictions for the future of nursing, what all professions can learn about user-centered design and how to develop a creative mindset.


COVID-19 Series: Peter Neal L’22 (Penn Carey Law) on Calculating CARES Act Eligibility

Season 1. Episode 11.

Rising 2L Peter Neal discusses:
* How he and his girlfriend made the most of quarantine by designing an online CARES Act Calculator
* New lawyers’ vision for the future of legal services
* How interdisciplinary legal education strengthens lawyers’ ability to solve complex problems
* Mindsets lawyers can adopt to better serve client needs


COVID-19 Series: Deborah Farone (Farone Advisors) on Ensuring your Firm’s Financial Health During a Pandemic

Season 1. Episode 10.

Law firm marketing guru Deborah Farone discusses the unique challenges COVID 19 presents for law firms as they work to generate new business while ensuring the financial health of their own firms. Deborah discusses:
1. How clients are reacting to firm approaches to legal service during COVID
2. How firms can more creatively use timekeepers in search of billable work
3. A strategic approach that emphasizes short-term survival and the development of practice areas that might emerge after the pandemic subsides


Jonathan Petts L’07 ( on Connecting Individuals with the Legal System Through ‘Upsolve’ and ‘Immigrants Like Us’

Season 1. Episode 9.

Jonathan Petts L’07 discusses how he and colleagues created two online platforms—Upsolve and—to better connect individuals with the legal system. Listen to learn:
1. How Jonathan and his co-founder used a “Turbo Tax”-like workflow to eliminate the financial barrier to bankruptcy protection for consumers.
2. Why Upsolve’s nonprofit status actually helps consumers find it more easily and grow its impact.
3. How Jonathan’s approach to Upsolve was transferable to immigration work.
4. Jonathan’s vision for and the future of legal services.


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