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In February 2020, Penn Law convened leaders across the profession, the clients they serve, and innovators from across disciplines to formally launch the Future of the Profession Initiative.

To carry forward the conversations the Law 2030 conference sparked, FPI launched the Law 2030 podcast. On this podcast, experts from across industries discuss ongoing challenges in the legal profession and what they mean for the future.

Law 2030 Podcast

Law 2030 Podcast

The Law 2030 podcast brings together experts from across disciplines to discuss the many changes occurring in the legal profession and the implications for lawyers, law students, clients, and leaders across the industry.

Some of the latest guests include law firm marketing guru Deborah Farone and Penn Law alumnus Jonathan Petts L’07, co-founder and executive director of, a nonprofit working to expand access to legal immigration for low-income immigrants.

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Law 2030 Conference

FPI hosted the inaugural Law 2030 Conference in February 2020 in Philadelphia, sparking inspiring conversations about how real change happens, why lawyers struggle to change, and how legal professionals can improve client service and learn from innovators in other fields.

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