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Michael Knoll

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

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Taxing Sunny Days: Adjusting Taxes for Regional Living Costs and Amenities (Book Proof)

Put-Call Parity and the Law, 24 Cardozo Law Review 

The Economic Policy Implications of Repealing the Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax, Tax Foundation Background Paper, number 40 (Feb 2002.)

Ethical Screening in Modern Financial Markets: The Conflicting Claims Underlying Socially Responsible Investment, 57 The Business Lawyer 681 (Feb 2002.)

Corporate Finance, Corporate Law and Finance Theory, 74 Southern California Law Review 175 (2000)

Products Liability and Legal Leverage: The Perverse Effects of Stiff Penalties, 45 UCLA Law Review 99 (1997)

A Primer on Prejudgement Interest, 75 Texas Law Review 293 (Dec 1996.)

Designing a Hybrid Income-Consumption Tax, 41 UCLA Law Review 1791(1994)

Perchance to Dream: The Global Economy and the American Dream, 66 Southern California Law Review 1599 (May 1993)

Taxing Prometheus: How the Corporate Interest Deduction Discourages Innovation and Risk-Taking, 38 Villanova Law Review 1461 (1993)

Taxation, Negative Amortization and Affordable Mortgages, 53 Ohio State Law Journal 1341 (1992)

A Tax-induced Clientele for Index-linked Bonds: A Comment, XLVI Journal of Finance 1933 (Dec. 1991) 

The Second Generation of Notes Indexed for Inflation, 39 Emory Law Journal 498 (Spring 1990)

Legal and Economic Framework for the Analysis of Injury by the U.S. International Trade Commission, 23 Journal of World Trade 95 (June 1989)

An Economic Approach to the Determination of Injury Under United States Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Law, 22 New York University Journal of International Law and Politics 36 (Fall 1989)

Uncertainty, Efficiency, and the Brokerage Industry, XXXI Journal of Law & Economics 249 (April 1988)

Gray-Market Imports: Causes, Consequences and Response, 18 Law & International Policy in International Business 145 (1986)