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Muge Haseki

Müge Haseki’s research concentrates on the multi-year 1 World Connected project, which focuses on the evaluation and assessment of connectivity initiatives around the world.

Her research interests include information and communication technology (ICT) adoption and use of disadvantaged and underserved communities. She has conducted research on the use of mobile health applications by pregnant women and healthcare workers in Nepal, mobile phone use by newly connected communities in Rwanda, ICT practices of immigrant women entrepreneurs in New York City, broadband adoption by communities of low-socioeconomic status in the United States, and social media use by media organizations in Afghanistan.

Müge was a USAID Research and Innovation fellow at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, where she worked on an ICT- for-development project. As a USAID Youlead! Fellow, Haseki worked on the entrepreneurship development program for youth in Sri Lanka.

Müge is a graduate of Rutgers University, PhD 2016; University of Wisconsin, MA 2008; and Boğaziçi University, BA 2006.