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My broad research interest is empirical law and economics.  Specific applications I have written about fall in the areas of:

health law, economics, and policy; crime; litigation; discrimination;

risky sex; addiction; corporate governance; charitable trusts; education;

medical malpractice; regulation; preemption; and punitive damages


My theoretical work focuses primarily on topics in constitutional political economy

Cites to my published work can be found on my C.V.





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— Eventus output referred to in footnotes 294  and 296

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— Materials for replication (data files, do file, Stata log, published version, etc. in a .zip file)  


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3) Cato Unbound Symposium on the New Paternalism


“The Dangers of Letting Someone Else Decide.”

“Revealing Revealed Preferences.”

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Policy Reports, Public Interest Comments, White Papers, Etc.


Testimony to Pennsylvania Senate Committee Regarding Medical Malpractice Venue Rule (September 8, 2020).

Comment on Milliman Research Report (Review of Proposed Amendment of Pennsylvania Rules of Civil
Procedure Nos. 1006, 2130, 2156, and 2179) regarding venue in Pennsylvania medical malpractice cases.

Assessing the USDA Report, “Taxing Caloric Sweetened Beverages: Potential Effects on Beverage Consumption, Calorie Intake, and Obesity.”   Original USDA report available here .