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Personal Info

I live in Penn Valley , Pennsylvania  with my wife and four boys (pictured below)



My wife and I both hail from Lebanon, Pennsylvania  home of the world-famous Lebanon bologna .

I attended St. Mary’s Elementary School  and Lebanon Catholic High School , home of the Beavers .

For college, I went to Villanova University  as a Presidential Scholar , working at Modell’s  in the evenings and summers.

I also spent a summer writing for the Daily Local News of West Chester , where I mostly wrote about the weather

(Dave Barry  got his start there … he probably wrote about the weather too).

My wife and I then moved to Laurel, Maryland  while I started the PhD program  in economics at the University of Maryland .

After one year in our lovely apartment , we decided to buy a house in Cape St. Claire  (a wonderful Annapolis, MD  neighborhood on the Chesapeake Bay ).

At the end of that year, our first son (far right in the picture above) was born.

After completing the core econ PhD work, including the public finance sequence, a political economy sequence, and work in micro-econometrics at Maryland,

I switched to the economics program  at George Mason University , completing fields in Public Choice and Industrial Organization there, while working at the Bureau of Economic Analysis in DC .

After completing the course work, I wrote my dissertation  and started the Levy Fellowship  at George Mason Law , working at the Defense Manpower Data Center .  Our second son (far left above) was born that year.

I finished law school in 2003, and soon after our third son (sitting) was born.

I spent a year helping to start the Liability Project  at the American Enterprise Institute .

We then moved to Tallahassee Florida  so I could take a job as an assistant professor of law  at Florida State University

We enjoyed our 3+ years there very much (the South being much nicer than we northerners usually assume), and our 4th son was born in Tallahassee.

After visiting (for various durations) at NorthwesternSouthern CalColumbia , and Penn , we made our way back to PA.