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University of Canterbury

Term II: July – October 2010

Econometrics II

ECON 324/664

University of Canterbury – Department of Economics and Finance

Term II: July – October 2010


Contact Info in NZ

Email for Submissions, Enquiries, Etc.:

Office:  Commerce 511A        Office Phone:  364-3369


Announcement:  Half of our missed class time will be made up on August 17 from 5:00-6:30 PM Commerce RM 337

We will do the event study problem set for the week’s material that day to prepare for Exam #1


Changes to Schedule Due to Earthquake:  There will be no final, and exam 2 will now take place October 12 (4-6 pm) in Vaults 1 &2.  Also, while papers will “officially” be due October 14, I will accept them (by email) until October 28, 2010 (by 11:59 pm) with no grade penalty.  Papers submitted after that date will be downgraded by 5 points for each day they are late.  Final grades will now be equally weighted across exams 1 & 2 and the paper.





Exam 1        Data 1a        Data 1b        Exam1dofile              Exam1log    Distribution


Exam 2        Data 2          Exam2dofile              Exam2log       Distribution


Problem Sets

PS1       PS1 Data      PS1dofile     PS1log


PS2       PS2 Data      PS2dofile     PS2log


PS3       PS3 Data      PS3dofile     PS3log


PS4       PS4 Data      PS4dofile     PS4log


PS5       PS5 Data      PS5dofile     PS5log


PS6       PS6 Data      PS6dofile     PS6log


PS7       PS7 Data      PS7dofile     PS7log


PS8       PS8 Data      PS8dofile     PS8log