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Curtis Reitz

Curtis R. Reitz

Algernon Sydney Biddle Professor, Emeritus

Curtis Reitz has devoted most of his long teaching career to three general areas of United States law: contracts and commercial transactions; professional responsibility, and crimes; sentencing and post-conviction remedies. In recent years his interests have centered on international commercial law, particularly the law administered under the aegis the World Trade Organization. For more than 25 years, Reitz has been a member of the Uniform State Laws Conference, where he represents the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. His work as a Commissioner, complementing his teaching interests, has included participation in the recent revision of the Uniform Commercial Code and helping to transform the mission of the Conference to include taking an active role in the development of international private law in fields of Conference interest. He is chair of the Conference’s Committee on International Legal Developments. Reitz’s main external interests have been the Glen Mills Schools, a leading institution that serves adjudicated young men from most of the United States and several foreign countries, and the International House of Philadelphia, an institution that serves as a residence and program center for college and university students from other countries. He also served on the Committee of Seventy, a civic watchdog agency in Philadelphia.