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Ayodeji Perrin

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Ayodeji Perrin

Sharswood Fellow

Dr. Ayodeji Perrin researches and teaches about international law, comparative constitutional law, human rights, and social movement legal mobilization.

He holds a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and he holds BA and MA degrees in political science from Tufts University and Columbia University, respectively. He recently completed his PhD in political science at Northwestern University. His dissertation examined the factors that led gay and lesbian activists in the United States, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Tasmania, and South Africa to use domestic and international courts to overturn criminal prohibitions on adult consensual same-sex sexual conduct between the 1970s and the 1990s. His ongoing research in this area focuses on the role of transnational advocacy networks, transnational judicial dialogue, and comparative constitutional law in decriminalization of homosexual sex in Africa and the English-speaking Caribbean.

Dr. Perrin was previously a judicial law clerk in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, a staff attorney with the City of Philadelphia Board of Ethics, and a postdoctoral fellow and adjunct faculty member at Temple University in the Department of Political Science. At Temple, Dr. Perrin taught courses on indigenous, African, Latin American, and Asian resistance to European and American enslavement, colonization, and racial and national-origin discrimination; on corporate social responsibility and corporate accountability litigation; and on international human rights treaty law and accountability mechanisms, including international courts and UN Treaty Bodies. He has presented his research at the annual meetings for the Law and Society Association, the American Society for International Law, the International Studies Association, and the American Political Science Association, among others.