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Tess Wilkinson-Ryan


Teaching & Research Resources

Teaching Resources: Contracts Problems 

I wrote these practice problems and model answers for a 4-credit 1L Contracts course. For reference, I teach from Summers, Hillman & Hoffman 7th ed.

NB: The attached documents are internally titled by number, not topic, so if you open/print them as a group without the corresponding link names, you can slightly increase the overall issue-spotting practice.


Battle of the Forms

Promissory Estoppel


Offer & Acceptance

Parol Evidence Rule

Statute of Frauds

Good Faith Fair Dealing



Research Resources: Data

Methods (text) and results (data) files for Law and Psychology Grows Up, Goes Online, and Replicates , 15 J. E MPIRICAL L EG . S TUD . 320 (2018) (with Krin Irvine and David A. Hoffman) publicly available here:


Zip drive for Grows Up Goes Online