Restyled Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

On October 24 Professor Stephen Burbank and Gregory Joseph, a lawyer in New York City, submitted comments on the proposed restyling of the entire Federal Rules of Civil Procedure on behalf of a group of eleven law professors and ten practitioners that they had recruited for that purpose. They will meet with members of the Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure to discuss the comments of their Restyling Project at a public hearing in Chicago on November 18.

The Restyling Project grew out of their concern that the effort required to provide useful comments on the proposed style revision would be so time-consuming that, even with the long comment period, few if any individuals would undertake to do the necessary work, and that if organizations made the necessary investment of time, they might approach the endeavor from a particular perspective. At the same time, the need for informed comment seemed to them critical in connection with a project of such immense potential importance to and impact on the course of civil litigation. They did not undertake the Restyling Project as an effort to support the proposed style revision, nor to undermine it, but rather carefully to evaluate it.

Restyling Project Memo (PDF)
Restyling Project Comments (PDF)