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Student Life & Careers

JDMBA Students Smiling

Student Life

Extracurricular Activities

JD/MBA students can actively participate in over 200 activities and organizations at the Law School and Wharton.

Learn more about student life and co-curricular opportunities at both Wharton and Penn Carey Law

Cohorts and Teams

Cohorts are an essential element to both schools. JD/MBA students are fully immersed in the culture of each school through placement in larger clusters as well as smaller cohorts and learning teams alongside their Law and Wharton classmates. Students are also members of the JD/MBA cohort, where they can share experiences and ideas with JD/MBA peers.

Alumni Engagement

A JD/MBA speaker series takes place throughout the academic year, where JD/MBA students can interact and network with faculty, alumni, and guest speakers.


JD/MBA students come to the University of Pennsylvania from a variety of backgrounds. Many students seek to return to their former industries with an enhanced skill set, while others seek to switch careers. Students in the three-year JD/MBA program use the summer between the second and third years of the program to gain valuable internship experience in law, business, or in some cases, a combination of the two.

JD/MBA students have the unique opportunity to access the career advising resources at both Penn Carey Law and the Wharton School and are encouraged to work with both offices to explore their career interests.

Explore career outcomes at both Penn Carey Law and Wharton for a sense of what our graduates pursue and accomplish after Penn.