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Frequently Asked Questions



Is there a joint application?

Yes. Because the three-year Carey JD/MBA Program is an integrated program, you will submit a single, joint application. You will submit the JD/MBA application via the Wharton application portal, which consists of the Wharton MBA application and a Penn Law supplement. Members of admissions committees from both schools review the application. Application instructions are available here


Is it possible to be admitted to one school and not the other?

No. Applicants to the three-year JD/MBA program will receive a single, joint decision.


If I am admitted to the three-year JD/MBA program, may I then decide to attend only one school?

No. Given the unique nature of the program, applicants to the three-year JD/MBA program may not, after receiving an offer of admission, decide to enroll in one school and not the other (i.e., an applicant may not choose to only attend Wharton and not Penn Law, or vice versa, after a joint decision has been rendered). 


If I am admitted, may I defer my enrollment?

No. Deferrals are not granted for the three-year JD/MBA program except in extreme extenuating circumstances.


Can I apply to the three-year JD/MBA program during my 1L year at Penn Law?

Yes. You can apply to the three-year Carey JD/MBA Program as a 1L at Penn Law. However, you may not apply as a 1L at another law school and transfer into the program. All applicants are required to apply during Round 1 or Round 2 of the Wharton MBA application timeline.


Can I apply to the three-year JD/MBA program during my 2L year at Penn Law, or during my first year at Wharton?

No. However, you can apply to the four-year JD/MBA program.




What is the typical course of study?

Students in the three-year JD/MBA program must fulfill the degree requirements of both Penn Law and Wharton and complete the JD/MBA capstone course. Learn more about the curriculum and degree requirements


Will I have an academic advisor?

Yes. JD/MBA students will work with an academic advisor at Penn Law and an academic advisor at Wharton.


Does the three-year JD/MBA program replace the four-year JD/MBA program model at Penn?

No. A four-year program is still in place for students who want a broader business or law curriculum. Learn more about the four-year JD/MBA program model here




Are career services offered for JD/MBA students?

Yes. Each school has an active career services office which JD/MBA students are encouraged to utilize to explore their career options. Activities hosted by both offices throughout the year include resume reviews, mock interviews, industry chats, networking functions, and more. 


Is there an alumni network?

Yes. The JD/MBA Alumni Association connects program alumni.


Financial Aid


What is the tuition for the three-year program?

The three-year JD/MBA program has its own tuition model. Learn more about tuition and financial aid here.


Is financial aid offered?

JD/MBA students are eligible to be considered for financial aid from both Wharton and Penn Law. Learn more about tuition and financial aid here.


Additional Information


Where can I learn more about the Carey JD/MBA Program?

Attend an event - on campus, on the road, or online. Please contact us with any additional questions about the program.