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Why Penn for the JD/MBA?

Penn Law is the leader in cross-disciplinary legal education with nine faculty members holding PhDs in economics and two with MBAs.  Wharton is the world’s leader in business, especially finance, accounting, real estate and health care.  It is the world’s largest business school with more than 200 standing faculty in 11 departments. 

The strengths of the faculties and the proximity of Penn Law and Wharton, which are within a few blocks of each other on the same campus, make Penn the leading choice for an accelerated JD/MBA.  Graduates with a JD and MBA will be qualified to do just about anything: corporate law; public governance; investment banking; private equity; entrepreneurship; hedge funds; and much more.

Is there a joint application or do I have to apply separately?

Because the JD/MBA at Penn is a truly integrated program, you only have to fill out one application.  You fill out the application to Wharton, which includes a Penn Law supplement.  Members of admissions committees from each school review the application. 

If denied, can I reapply after I start as a 1L at the Law School?

Yes, you may reapply after you start at Penn Law but you may not apply as a 1L at another law school and transfer into the program.  All applicants are required to apply during Rounds 1 or 2.

What entrance exams are required for the JD/MBA Program?

All applicants must submit their LSAT scores through LSAC and must submit a GMAT or GRE for the Wharton portion of their application. 

What is the typical course of study?

Students in the Three-Year JD/MBA Program must fulfill all the requirements of Penn Law School. This includes completing the first-year foundation curriculum, a professional responsibility course, writing requirements, and the pro bono requirement.

The Wharton requirements of the program include completion of mandatory Wharton Pre-Term, first year core courses (certain ones which may be waived by experience or exam and need to be replaced with electives), a major and completion of a minimum of 15 cu’s.
A sample outline of your three years at Penn look like this:

First Year First Year Summer Second Year Second Year Summer Third Year

Law School

4 Wharton/Law courses (exclusive to the three-year program)

Wharton: Core Courses Law: Corporations; Mergers & Acquisitions

Internship in either Law or Business

Capstone; Wharton: 4-5 courses Law: 4-5 courses

Does this replace the 4 Year JD/MBA Program?

No.  A four-year program is still in place for students who want a broader business or law curriculum. 

Are career services offered for JD/MBA students?

Absolutely.  Each school has an active career services office which JD/MBA students are encouraged to utilize to explore their career options.  Activities both offices put on throughout the year include resume review, mock interviews, industry chats, networking functions and more. 

What is the tuition for the three-year program and is financial aid offered?

Please see the detailed breakdown under the Admissions section of the site for tuition and financial aid for the JD/MBA program.

What if I want further information?

Another unique aspect of Penn’s JD/MBA program is that there is a staff member specifically designated to run all aspects of the JD/MBA program and help applicants navigate the admissions process and matriculated students on course selection, curriculum design and other issues related to the program.  Please get in touch with the program contact with any questions about the program.