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Courses at Penn - Useful Resources


At this link, you will find a list of University of Pennsylvania courses by department and room assignments (classrooms are posted closer to the start of the semester).

Each school/program at Penn has its own registration rules and procedures.  If you have questions/concerns after reviewing the school’s website, please contact: Amanda Aronoff, Director of Cross-Disciplinary Programs and Academic Options at or Sherita Ragins, Coordinator for Cross-Disciplinary Programs at


 General Information:

The Wharton School welcomes students to Wharton MBA-level elective courses.  These courses can add a valuable dimension to your education and your voices contribute to the Wharton classroom.  If you are interested in taking Wharton classes, you should take the following steps: 

  • Review the 2020-21 Wharton MBA Academic Calendar .
  • Review course descriptions and prerequisites using the MBA Resource Guide
  • **Instructor approval must be obtained for admittance to all MBA courses (see below).**
  • Follow Wharton registration process outlined below.
  • Prior to the last day of Law School Add/Drop, students must fill out an Application for Law School Credit for each and every Wharton class in which they enroll.  The form can be found here

Wharton Registration for Law Students - Spring 2021:

  • Wednesday, January 20th:  First day of Spring Semester for Wharton (it is recommended that Law Students start attending classes to ensure that they do not fall behind if they are able to register for the class). Check above Wharton MBA Academic Calendar for notes regarding class schedule for this first week. You may also begin submitting your Registration Authorization Request for Non-MBA Student forms.  PLEASE note that Law classes also start on January 20th this semester.
  • Thursday, January 28th: Deadline to submit Registration Authorization Request for Non-MBA Student forms for enrollment in Q3 and Full Semester. All Law Students interested in taking Wharton Classes must drop off an instructor-approved Authorization Request for Non-MBA Student form by end of day on Thursday, January 28th in the MBA Program Office at Suite 300 JMHH (Jon M. Huntsman Hall) or via email at Requests for enrollment will not be processed without the form signed by the course instructor. Students need to be aware that approval by the instructor does not guarantee a seat in the course (it simply guarantees that the student is academically eligible to take the course); enrollment is based solely on space availability. The signed form merely allows a student to be enrolled IF space is available after Wharton students have finalized their course enrollments. Wharton may need to correspond with you regarding your registration status. Make sure to legibly write your email address and Penn ID with the Request Form .
  • Friday, January 29th: Forms are randomly processed by Wharton on January 29th. Students should attempt to register for the course for which they submitted a form on Penn In Touch at **2pm on January 29, 2021.**  THIS DATE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE (if it changes, Wharton will be in touch via email). Assuming no change, your registration was successful if Wharton was granted you a “permit” for admittance to this class.  If you receive a permit, it must be “claimed” within 12 hours; Wharton permits for Non-MBA students expire after 12 hours. 
  • Instructor Approval: Wharton instructor approval must be obtained for admittance to all MBA classes (via the Authorization Form discussed above).
  • Important Note Regarding Time Conflict: You must resolve all time conflicts prior to January 29th. If there is a time conflict, Wharton will not be able to issue the permit and will not reserve your seat in the class.
  • Law School Credit for Non-Law Class: There are strict guidelines for receiving Law School credit for any non-law class. Prior to the last day of Law School add/drop, all Law Students enrolling in Wharton courses must review guidelines and fill out an Application for Law School Credit for a Non-Law Course here  or they may get charged for the class and/or not receive Law School credit.

Questions: Contact the MBA Program Office

Course Units/Semester Hours

The University uses a “course unit” system, while the Law School uses a semester hour system. The translation is that 1 course unit (c.u.) = 3 Law School semester hours. If you are enrolled in a course outside of the Law School and it is showing as 1 cu, for example, the credits will convert to 3 Law School semester hours once your grade for the course posts. Some non-law courses are .5 CU and meet for only half of the semester.