Legislative Clinic releases new report on the rarely reported issue of medical deportation in the U.S.: The National Law Review

Practice Prof. of Law Kara Finck’s testimony on high rate of family separation by child protective services in Philadelphia cited: WHYY

Law School’s clinical offerings and externships ‘put students front and center’

Penn Law students in clinics and externships serve as lead counsel on their own cases rather than merely supporting the work of faculty.

Professor Dahl on SCOTUS limiting patent law’s assignor estoppel doctrine

Dahl comments on the SCOTUS ruling, Minerva Surgical v. Hologic, which limits the patent-law doctrine known as “assignor estoppel” baring inventors who sell patent rights from later claiming they’re invalid as a defense to infringement claims.

US Supreme Court

Professor Paoletti comments on SCOTUS 6-3 decision detaining immigrants re-entering U.S. iIllegally

Professor Sarah Paoletti comments on Supreme Court ruling that deported immigrants who re-enter the U.S. illegally and meet the definition of a refugee, or because they face torture in their home country must remain in custody while their cases are processed.

Penn Law & Free Migration Project report reveals ongoing unreported violations of patient rights with medical deportations

The authors of the report include Toll Public Interest Fellow Erica V. Rodarte Costa L’22, Jacqueline Monnat L’21, and Free Migration Project’s Executive Director David Bennion and Program Coordinator Adrianna Torres-García.

Criminal Defense Clinic students protect the rights of the accused

Taught by experienced practicing attorneys at the Defender Association of Philadelphia (DAP), the clinic gives students the opportunity to represent clients accused of serious crimes.

Mediation Clinic students learn that ‘lawyers can be problem-solvers as well as warriors’

Led by Practice Professor Douglas Frenkel L’72, Adjunct Professor of Law Michele Goldfarb, and Lecturer in Law Sharon Eckstein L’86, Mediation Clinic students learn to exercise unbiased lawyering judgment by facilitating real mediation sessions.

Transnational Legal Clinic students ‘learn fast and work hard in a broken system’

Transnational Legal Clinic students represent clients from around the world attempting to obtain asylum and victims of human trafficking and other crimes hoping to secure immigration visas.

Detkin Intellectual Property and Technology Legal Clinic promotes justice by supporting innovation

Practice Professor of Law Cynthia Dahl heads the Detkin Intellectual Property and Legal Clinic.

Clark Edmond L’19 launches Crate, an innovative, socially conscious online art gallery

Clark Edmond L’19 founded Crate, an innovative online gallery platform aimed at empowering younger patrons of the arts to become collectors.

Law School’s Civil Practice Clinic lets students ‘take the lead’

The Law School’s Civil Practice Clinic affords students the opportunity to represent clients in cases involving issues that affect their basic needs and daily lives.

Interdisciplinary Child Advocacy Clinic focuses on client-centered lawyering for the most vulnerable

The Interdisciplinary Child Advocacy Clinic offers law students the opportunity to help vulnerable young people navigate the legal system using holistic advocacy.

Law School’s Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic ‘makes dreams come true’

Through the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic, students work with entrepreneurs at all phases of the business cycle, from pre-formation to scaling to dissolution, turning visions into reality.

Legislative Clinic opens doors for students passionate about public policy

Practice Professor Louis S. Rulli guides the Legislative Clinic through which law students receive placements in various legislative offices from the House Committee on Foreign Affairs to the City Council of Philadelphia.

Appellate Advocacy Clinic’s inaugural year a resounding success with students

The Appellate Advocacy Clinic focused on issues of economic justice in the criminal law contest.

Preparing law students for careers of the future.

Supporting entrepreneurship and innovation through tech-enabled lawyers of the future

A partnership between Penn Law’s Detkin Intellectual Property and Technology Legal Clinic and CPA Global prepares law students for careers of the future through the use of sophisticated tech tools.

Penn Law Transnational Legal Clinic, University of Texas School of Law Immigration Clinic File Petition Against Migration Protection Protocols (MPP)

Petition filed on one-year anniversary of implementation of MPP program, also known as “Remain in Mexico”

Penn Law introduces new Appellate Advocacy Clinic led by Prof. Galbraith and Ilana Eisenstein: Law.com

Jennifer Nagda

Penn Law lecturer Jennifer Nagda testifies before Congress on family separation and migrant detention centers

Nagda is Director of the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights and an adjunct lecturer-in-law in Penn Law’s Interdisciplinary Child Advocacy Clinic.

Penn Law faculty comment on SCOTUS decision on census citizenship question

In Department of Commerce v. New York, the Supreme Court ruled that a question on citizenship could not be added to the 2020 census on the basis of the government’s proffered reasoning.

Prof. Cindy Dahl comments on SCOTUS decision in trademark case

In Iancu v. Brunetti, the Court held that the Lanham Act’s restriction on “immoral” or “scandalous” trademarks violates the Constitution.

ICAC Director Kara Finck, Esq.

ICAC Director Prof. Kara Finck Testifies at Philadelphia City Council

The City Council hearing focused on the issue of child welfare investigations and the removal of children from their families.

Rulli receives Father Robert Drinan Award from Association of American Law Schools

The award honors a law school staff or faculty member for their work in advancing the ethic of pro bono service through program design or management, or through their own personal service.

Penn Law appoints Praveen Kosuri to lead clinical programs as Associate Dean for Clinical Education

In his new role, Kosuri will assume responsibility for the oversight and development of the Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies.

2018 Year in Review: Penn Law Student Life

During this busy and successful year, they took on important public interest projects, made their voices heard on major issues in local and national government, gained hands-on practice experience through a variety of experiential learning programs, won cases, competitions, fellowships, and more.

Exterior of Golkin Hall facing Courtyard (with Gittis Hall reflected in windows.)

Product by former client of Detkin IP & Technology Legal Clinic named among Best Inventions of the Year by Time magazine

In 2015 students and faculty in DIPTC worked with Lia Diagnostics, Inc., to draft their first nonprovisional patent for Lia’s innovative new paper pregnancy test

Victory at the Third Circuit

Judah Bellin L’18 won a recent case under the Prison Litigation Reform Act through Penn Law’s Federal Appellate Externship

Putting Purpose into Practice: The Clinical Experience at Penn Law

Sarah Paoletti

Prof. Paoletti analyzes the future of U.S. immigration detention policies: The Regulatory Review

?Starting this September, our students will be able to advocate directly for trademark clients be...

Detkin IP and Technology Legal Clinic joins USPTO’s Certification Program to officially represent trademark clients before Examiners

Penn Law’s Detkin Intellectual Property and Technology Legal Clinic has newly been invited to join the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Law School Clinic Certification Program, as part of the trademark portion of the program.

Part Two - Prof. Dahl discusses incorporating feedback into the IPC: Above the Law

Part Two - Prof. Dahl discusses incorporating feedback into the IPC: Above the Law

Prof. Dahl discusses why law students are so interested in participating in IP law clinics: Above the Law

Prof. Dahl discusses why law students are so interested in participating in IP law clinics: Above the Law

Jennifer Ko L?18 describes how Penn Law has given her the courage to pursue her own career path a...

Investing in Leaders

Penn Law continues to invest in innovative experiential and skills-based training

Access and Opportunity

Penn Law’s important assets are people: those who are learning the law and those who educate and support them.

Professor Kara Finck is the Director of the University of Pennsylvania Law School?s Interdiscipli...

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Announces Expansion of Multi-Partner Medical Legal Partnership

Corporate Gift from Reed Smith Funds Growing, Unique Collaboration

Read the Spring 2018 Cross-Disciplinary Newsletter

Cross-Disciplinary Innovation in Action at Penn Law

Penn Law’s academic programs are fully integrated with the professional and graduate schools on campus, providing students with an unparalleled opportunity to prepare for careers that engage virtually every major issue facing our society.

As part of the Federal Appellate Externship, four third-year Law School students write an appella...

Penn Law students argue in front of Third Circuit in externship

As part of the Federal Appellate Externship, four third-year Law School students make an argument in front of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Jonathan Ellis L'10 was hired as an Assistant to the Solicitor General in June, and he is one of ...

Jonathan Ellis L’10 joins Solicitor General’s Office, argues before Supreme Court

Ellis is one of 21 lawyers in the office who represent the U.S. government in front of the Supreme Court

Prof. Paoletti comments on the removal the phrase “nation of immigrants” from USCIS mission statement: Philly.com

Students and faculty from Penn Law's Supreme Court Clinic stand on the steps of the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Clinic students advocate for auto service employees who claim they were denied overtime

On January 17, 2018, Penn Law adjunct professor James A. Feldman argued Encino Motorcars, LLC v. Navarro in front of the Supreme Court of the United States to determine whether service advisors in car dealerships are entitled to overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Students from Penn Law’s Transnational Legal Clinic call for action in the cases of detained immigrants

Prof. Rulli discusses the challenges around civil asset forfeiture: Vox

George Donnelly L’15 describes his “triumphant” externship

Helen Eisner L'12 began doing investigative work in Penn Law's Legislative Clinic.

Helen Eisner L’12 discusses her path from the Law School to government ethics investigator

Helen Eisner L’12 explains the investigative work done by the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Profs. Rulli & Greenberg share 5 things lawyers should know when defending against civil asset forfeiture

Students in the Transnational Legal Clinic directly represent clients and organizations on human ...

Learning from every client: Penn Law’s Transnational Legal Clinic

In the Transnational Legal Clinic, which was founded in 2006, students directly represent clients and organizations in international human rights and immigration legal proceedings. In this video feature clinic director Sarah Paoletti and alumni discuss the clinics work for clients seeking asylum and other forms of immigration relief.

Prof. Paoletti offers analysis on the future of DACA & immigration legislation: Philadelphia Inquirer

Prof. Paoletti shares her perspective on Charlottesville & human rights

Prof. Paoletti analyzes the impact of Trump’s travel ban: NBC News

Ryan Galea JD/MBA ’19 on applying a legal lens to impact investing in the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic

Prof. Rulli on AG Sessions’ removal of restrictions on controversial police seizures: NBC News

Prof. Rulli weighs in on AG Sessions’ aims to increase asset forfeiture: TIME

Prof. Paoletti comments on the enforcement of the Trump travel ban: NBC News

Professor Stephanos Bibas was nominated to a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Supreme Court Clinic alumni urge Senate to confirm judicial nomination of Prof. Bibas

A group of 46 alumni of Penn Law’s Supreme Court Clinic has submitted a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of Professor Stephanos Bibas’ nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Professor Douglas Frenkel directs Penn Law's Mediation Clinic.

Penn Law’s Mediation Clinic: Tackling international child abduction disputes

Two Law School students traveled with Professor Douglas Frenkel L’72, the Mediation Clinic’s director, to mediate an international child abduction dispute in Omaha, Nebraska.

Students from Penn Law provide legal aid at the West Philadelphia Health Fair

CPC Alum John Parron Assists with Legal Aid at W. Philly Health Fair

Prof. Paoletti comments on Canada’s role in the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Prof Paoletti on how there is no excuse for U.S. refusal to attend InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights hearing

The Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies: 40 years of making history

Professors Roosevelt & Paoletti weigh in on whether the courts will permanently block Trump’s travel ban

Prof. Paoletti discusses Trump administration skipping Inter-American Commission on Human Rights hearing

TLC’s Ayodele Gansallo featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Transnational Legal Clinic lecturer in law Ayodele Gansallo has been working hard to assist those affected by the recent Trump travel ban. Click the link to read more on Philly.com

Penn Law Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic helps Penn students realize tech startup dreams

Prof. Bibas offers insights on Trump’s potential SCOTUS picks: CBS Philadelphia

Sarah Paoletti directs the Transnational Legal Clinic.

International human rights body rules in favor of clients represented by Transnational Clinic in decade-long case

On December 19, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, released its decision in favor of two undocumented workers who were denied access to justice and the right to non-discrimination after being injured on the job while working in the United States.

Penn Law students met with Nicole Isaac L'04 (second from left), a former White House staffer, an...

Law School faculty and students delve into the legislative process at conference

Three Penn Law faculty members and four students were among the 150 participants in this year’s International Conference on Legislation and Law Reform, held in November at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Louis S. Rulli is director of Penn Law's clinical programs.

Civil Practice Clinic serves those in need while helping students hone their lawyering skills

In this video feature, members of the Penn Law community describe their experience with the Civil Practice Clinic. The Law School’s first in-house clinic, the Civil Practice Clinic gives students the opportunity to represent indigent clients in state and federal courts and develop their litigation skills under faculty supervision.

Case in Point podcast: Sarah Paoletti discusses what’s next for U.S. immigration policy

The Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic on how to bring out the inner entrepreneur in law students: Financial Times

Prof. Paoletti comments on the detention of immigrant families at the Berks County Residential Center

Praveen Kosuri directs the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic.

Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic makes a difference for Philadelphia businesses

In this video feature, faculty, students, and clients of the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic discuss the clinic’s work and its impact on legal education and the Philadelphia business community.

Prof. Bibas among top 25 law professors cited by judges: Wall Street Journal

Prof. Bibas comments on case challenging fixed bail schedules: Los Angeles Times

Prof. Rulli comments on PA attorney general’s seizure of $1.77 million: The Morning Call

Prof. Rulli calls for protection of innocent victims from civil forfeiture: Philadelphia Inquirer

Transnational Law Clinic leads Human Rights Commission hearing on refugee children & families

Professor Louis S. Rulli's work on civil forfeiture has been cited by a new report from the Cente...

Report cites Rulli and Civil Practice Clinic on forfeiture

A new report on civil forfeiture released by the Center for American Progress highlights work done by Professor Louis S. Rulli and the Law School’s Civil Practice Clinic.

As a third-year Penn Law student, Amanda Johnson L'15 argued in front of the U.S. Court of Appeal...

Penn Law graduate’s Third Circuit argument creates circuit split

Amanda Johnson L’15 had the opportunity to argue a case in front of the Third Circuit at a 3L at Penn Law. In a recently released decision, the court accepted her argument and in doing so created a circuit split with the four other circuits to have considered the issue.

Interdisciplinary Child Advocacy Clinic’s Kara Finck & Jennifer Nagda on protections for immigrant children

Child Advocacy Clinic’s Abigail Wilson: “Normalcy” for Foster Children

To foster children, “normalcy” can be a privilege not easily achieved without proper legal advocacy and financial resources. The Interdisciplinary Child Advocacy Clinic’s social work student intern, Abigail Wilson, describes the complex navigation of recent federal legislation which encourages equal exposure for foster youth to the every day experiences of their peers.

CAC Director Kara Finck, Esq.

Child Advocacy Profs Weigh in on ‘Disturbing’ Montco Court’s Dicta

Montco Court opinion on a denied petition filed by Child Advocacy Clinic professors, Kara Finck and Jennifer Nagda, highlights misunderstandings between state and federal laws which leaves children with Special Immigrant Juvenile status unprotected.

Interdisciplinary Child Advocacy Clinic works to provide normalcy for foster youth

Professor Stephanos Bibas directs the Supreme Court Clinic, which is currently working on Encino ...

Supreme Court Clinic helps workers fight for overtime

The students in the Supreme Court Clinic are working to help a group of auto workers secure the overtime they’re entitled to in Encino Motorcars, LLC v. Navarro.

Transnational Legal Clinic calls for IACHR hearing about Central Americans held in detention

Transnational Legal Clinic Calls for IACHR Hearing

TLC calls for IACHR hearing about Central Americans held in detention centers.

Professor Douglas Frenkel L'72 is an expert on mediation and has traveled the world discussing th...

Douglas Frenkel L’72 travels the world to speak about mediation

Douglas Frenkel L’72 traveled around the world speaking about the American system of alternative dispute resolution and the work he has done in Penn Law’s clinics.

Can federal prosecutors free Wu-Tang’s album from Martin Shkreli? Prof. Rulli comments in The Atlantic

Stephanos Bibas explains the work of Penn Law’s Supreme Court Clinic

Penn Law’s Stephanos Bibas, director of the Supreme Court Clinic, talks about clinic’s work.

Penn Law student Adam Alperowicz L?17 won this year's IP LawMeet National Championship along with...

Penn Law team wins IP LawMeet National Championship

Penn Law students Adam Alperowicz L’17 and Nayha Zubair L’16 were named champions of the fifth annual Intellectual Property LawMeet, along with a team from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law.

IP LawMeet winner Nayha Zubair L'16 spent the summer after her 1L year as an intern at Twitter.

Penn Law team wins IP LawMeet regionals

Students from Penn Law won the Midwest Regionals of the 2015 Intellectual Property LawMeet, held at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

Prof. Kara Fink examines if parental poverty & homelessness constitutes child neglect

Penn Law professor Louis Rulli and his clinical students have represented clients whose assets we...

Rulli testifies on civil forfeiture in Pennsylvania

Professor Louis Rulli, Director of the Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies at Penn Law, testified in front of the Pennsylvania State Senate’s Judiciary Committee on the practice of civil forfeiture.

To help lawyers and engineers learn to communicate effectively, Prof. Cynthia Dahl pairs them up ...

New article from IP Clinic director explains how to bridge the communication divide between law and tech

A new article by the Detkin Clinic’s Cynthia Dahl describes how to teach students to communicate across fields by pairing engineers with lawyers in a patent drafting simulation.

Prof. Sarah Paoletti analyzes Europe’s migrant crisis: Knowledge@Wharton

At the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic, director Praveen Kosuri teaches students the kind of optima...

Director of Penn Law’s Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic explains how to make great business lawyers

In a new article, Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic director Praveen Kosuri describes what makes the best business lawyers and how law schools can better prepare their students for careers in transactional law.

Feini (Sylvia) Qu GR?17, V?19 and her husband, Peter Gebhard GEN?16, inventors of a proprietary s...

New invention spurs students in Detkin IP/Tech Clinic to master intricacies of patent law

Budding companies benefit from the free legal service offered through the Detkin Clinic, which Cynthia Dahl and her colleagues at Penn Law describe as “a teaching law firm.”

Civil Forfeiture: Editorial featuring CPC Professor Louis Rulli

Please follow the link for the full story http://www.philly.com/philly/opinion/20150706_Dirty_money.html

Prof. Rulli cited in Philadelphia Inquirer editorial on civil forfeiture

Parker Rider-Longmaid L'13 will be one of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's clerks at the Supreme Cou...

Rider-Longmaid L’13 selected for Supreme Court clerkship

Recent Penn Law graduate Parker Rider-Longmaid L’13 has been selected as a clerk for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Professor Stephanos Bibas, who made the argument for the Supreme Court Clinic in Bank of America ...

Professor Bibas makes argument for Supreme Court Clinic to help homeowners trying to save their homes

Professor Stephanos Bibas argued in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Bank of America v. Caulkett, a case represented by the Law School’s Supreme Court Clinic.

Louis S. Rulli, winner of this year's Praxis Award in Professional Ethics from Villanova Universi...

Rulli named recipient of Praxis Award for contributions in professional ethics

Louis S. Rullihas been named the recipient of Villanova University’s 2015 Praxis Award in Professional Ethics. The award honors the contributions of a professional or academic in the field of professional ethics.

Penn Law’s Inaugural Clinical Legal Studies Workshop Series

Join us for a speaker series from Clinical Legal Studies experts from around the country.

Prof. Louis Rulli Weighs in on Holder’s Civil Forfeiture Decision

Click the link for the full story

From executive authority to intellectual property, here are just a few of the legal developments ...

Legal developments to watch for in 2015

Penn Law asked several of its faculty members to look ahead and predict some of the key legal issues that will be discussed and debated in the upcoming year.

Parker Rider-Longmaid L'13 received a Bristow Fellowship and will work for one year at the Office...

Penn Law alum selected for prestigious Bristow Fellowship

Parker Rider-Longmaid L’13 was named a 2015 Bristow Fellow by the Office of the Solicitor General in the U.S. Department of Justice. He is one of four recipients selected for the highly coveted fellowship.

The Model Government and Public Affairs Initiative will support students pursuing careers in gove...

Gift from Model Foundation expands Penn Law’s government service program

A new gift from the Leo Model Foundation to the University of Pennsylvania Law School will create the Model Government and Public Affairs Initiative, a series of new programs designed to prepare students for fulfilling work in government and public policy.

On October 6, a Penn Law panel discussed the extensive use of civil forfeiture in Philadelphia.

Penn Law panel discusses civil forfeiture

On October 6, Penn Law hosted a panel discussion as part of the “Anatomy of a Public Interest Lawsuit” series on the use of civil forfeiture in Philadelphia and the development of the class action lawsuit, Sourovelis v. City of Philadelphia, challenging it.

The two-year study, ?Migrant Workers? Access to Justice at Home: Nepal,? was published by the Ope...

New study by Prof. Paoletti details abuses suffered abroad by Nepal’s migrant workers

New study by Prof. Paoletti details abuses suffered by Nepal’s migrant workers in Mideast, shows justice elusive for low-wage workers abroad.

Reflecting on the Clinic experience, Bibas said: ?It?s the perfect transition from the third year...

Penn Law Supreme Court Clinic wins copyright fight over Scorsese/DeNiro film “Raging Bull”

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a client represented by Penn Law Professor Stephanos Bibas and students from the Law School’s Supreme Court Clinic. In a 6-3 decision that has wide implications for the entertainment industry, the Court held May 19 that the heir to the screenplay author for the film Raging Bull is able to pursue claims against MGM Studios that two lower courts had thrown out.

?I felt like a human rights advocate, not just a law student,? said Kenney.

Third-year students in the Penn Law Transnational Legal Clinic advocate on the world stage

During spring break two students from the Penn Law Transnational Legal Clinic traveled to Geneva to participate in the United Nations Human Rights Committee’s review of U.S. compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

Douglas N. Frenkel

Penn Law’s Douglas N. Frenkel receives prestigious award for his scholarship

An article written by Penn Law Professor Douglas N. Frenkel L’72 has been selected as the outstanding scholarly article of 2013 by the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution.

University of Pennsylvania Law School?s Supreme Court Clinic, Prof. Stephanos Bibas

Penn Law Supreme Court Clinic waging copyright fight over Scorsese/DeNiro film “Raging Bull”

Prof. Stephanos Bibas will appear before the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday to argue a copyright case involving Raging Bull, the Oscar-winning Martin Scorcese film.

Joline Price L?12 is ensuring that the chaotic rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) doesn?t h...

From Penn Law to the front lines of health reform

Joline Price L’12 is ensuring that the chaotic rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) doesn’t harm low-income Pennsylvanians.

Girmay Zahilay L?14 is spending the fall semester of his 3L year at the White House.

Externship opportunities hone Penn Law students’ practice skills in government & nonprofit sectors

More than two dozen second- and third-year students participating in Penn Law’s Externship Program are working this semester in government agencies and nonprofit organizations from New York, to Philadelphia, to Washington, D.C.

Gina Russoniello L?15, Francesco De Prospero L?14, and Prof. Cynthia Dahl.

Penn Law students Francesco De Prospero L’14 and Gina Russoniello L’15 are national finalists in IP lawyering competition

A team of two Penn Law students were national finalists in the third annual Intellectual Property LawMeet, which took place on Friday.

Avoid Intellectual Property Landmines

Prof. Praveen Kosuri discusses intellectual property landmines in branding.

Sarah Alba L?11 discusses Penn Law?s clinics and pro bono opportunities as well as her postgradua...

Sarah Alba L’11 on Penn Law’s clinics and pro bono opportunities

In a video feature, Sarah Alba L’11 highlights Penn Law’s clinics and pro bono opportunities, as well as her postgraduate work at Manhattan Legal Services.

Finalists from the 2012 Transactional LawMeet. From left Prof. Sherry Porter (NKU), Annette Redmo...

Clinic Alum won Transactional LawMeet National Championship

Daniel Gershwin L’12 shares how the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic helped him win the 2012 Transactional LawMeet National Championship title.

Simon is working at Akin Gump in Washington, D.C., where he hopes to return as a litigator after ...

Pathways to the Profession: Kenneth R. Simon L’14

Kenneth R. Simon, Jr. L’14 is working at Akin Gump in Washington, D.C., where he hopes to return as a litigator after completing a judicial clerkship.

Prof. Louis Rulli interviewed by The New Yorker

Prof. Louis Rulli talks about the use and abuse of civil forfeiture.

Penn Law and Engineering launch innovative program in Law & Technology

At a time when debates over technology policy are as significant as they are complex, the University of Pennsylvania Law School and School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) are launching an innovative joint degree program whose goal is to graduate lawyers and engineers able to address issues at the intersection of law and technology.

Douglas Frenkel L?72, Penn Law?s Morris Shuster Practice Professor of Law, is the indirect inspir...

Frenkel ‘founding father’ of mediation program at Mexico university

Douglas Frenkel L’72, Penn Law’s Morris Shuster Practice Professor of Law, is the indirect inspiration for a program in conflict studies and resolution at one of Mexico’s leading universities, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE).

Lauren M. Bennett L’13 presents oral argument to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals

Lauren M. Bennett L’13 took time from her bar examination studies to present oral argument to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals on July 10 in a prisoner’s civil rights case upon which she worked while a student in the Law School’s Federal Appellate Litigation Externship.

Kimbery Wexler was selected by the national Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA) to receiv...

Kimberly Wexler L’13 wins Penn Law Clinics CLEA award

Kimberly Wexler (L ’13) was selected to receive the CLEA (Clinical Legal Education Association) award for Penn Law for 2013, for her exemplary work in both the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic (“ELC”) and in the inaugural semester of the Detkin IP and Technology Legal Clinic (“IPC”).

CAC Ensures a Safe Home in U.S. for Teen from Mexico

Interdisciplinary Child Advocacy Clinic spent the past year successfully advocating for this young client both in Family Court and Immigration.

ELC Helps Teacher-Entrepreneur Expand Pilot Program

This spring, an ELC student negotiated a contract with seasoned attorneys from the School District of Philadelphia to permit Springboard to expand into four additional schools, serving 480 additional students.

CPC Students Fight to Save Family Homes in Philadelphia

Many clients come to Penn’s Civil Practice Clinic (CPC) seeking to ensure safe shelter, from landlord-tenant cases to fraudulent deed transfer and quiet title work.

Penn Law Supreme Court Clinic wins important constitutional case

Penn Law School’s Supreme Court Clinic three-for-three with wins this term before nation’s highest court.

Penn Law honors pro bono and public interest service

Professors Sarah Paoletti and Tobias Barrington Wolff received the Law School’s 2013 Beacon Award for their contributions to pro bono and public interest service, at a ceremony that also recognized more than 100 student leaders and over 50 community partners.

Legislative Clinic holds class on Capitol Hill

Students in the Legislative Clinic meet in Senator Dick Durbin’s conference room with Penn Law alums on the Hill to discuss legislative issues and to receive tips on future career options.

Prof. Stephanos Bibas (center) with Stephen Kinnaird (second from left, first row) and Supreme Co...

SCOTUS considering a case brought by Penn Law’s Supreme Court Clinic

The U.S. Supreme Court will rule by June on a sentencing-guidelines case argued by Penn Law’s Supreme Court Clinic.

Suni Mehta & Elizabeth Freed L'14.

Penn Law students detail abuses suffered by guest workers before Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Students involved in Penn Law’s Transnational Legal Clinic testify on behalf of legal immigrants in the U.S. who suffer widespread abuses under the temporary guest worker program.

Penn Law and the Wharton School launch first-of-its-kind management program for law students

Penn Law and the Wharton School launch first-of-its-kind management program for law students

Cynthia Dahl, Practice Associate Professor of Law and the inaugural Director of the Detkin Intell...

The commercialization of innovation: an education on intellectual property

Cynthia Dahl, Practice Associate Professor of Law and the inaugural director of the Detkin Intellectual Property and Technology Legal Clinic, talks about the interdisciplinary opportunities of the Clinic and what makes this clinic unique.

Lauren Saltiel, Dean Fitts, Prof. Cynthia Dahl, and Christina Wong.

2Ls Saltiel and Wong take IP LawMeet championship

Lauren Saltiel and Christina Wong, both 2L students, are National Champions of the Intellectual Property LawMeet.

Mary Catherine Roper L?93

Mary Catherine Roper L’93 wins Philadelphia Bar Foundation Award

Mary Catherine Roper L’93, recipient of the 2012 Philadelphia Bar Foundation Award, speaks to Penn Law about her public interest career.

Dean Fitts with Penn Law Students.

Penn Law capital campaign raises $180 million, surpasses fundraising goal

In a time of significant change for the legal academy and the profession, Penn Law has completed a record-breaking capital campaign, enabling the Law School to proactively  transform its academic program to prepare students for success in a rapidly evolving legal landscape, supporting the expansion of world-class faculty, programs, and financial support - while maintaining a small class size.

Latest Mediation Book by Prof. Douglas Frenkel L’72 integrates text-, video-based learning

Douglas Frenkel L’72, Penn Law’s Morris Shuster Practice Professor of Law, is the co-author of The Practice of Mediation: A Video-Integrated Text, the second edition of which was released June 11.

Kara Finck named director of Penn Law’s Child Advocacy Clinic

Kara Finck, most recently Managing Attorney for the public interest organization The Bronx Defenders, is the new Director of the University of Pennsylvania Law School’s Child Advocacy Clinic.

Penn Law’s Bibas to argue for petitioner in Vartelas v. Holder, assisted by students in Penn’s Supreme Court Legal Clinic

Penn Law’s Bibas to argue for petitioner in Vartelas v. Holder, assisted by students in Penn’s Supreme Court Legal Clinic

Legislative Clinic: Building Networks and Creating Policy Impact in Washington, D.C.

Students from Penn Law's Legislative Clinic had their final class of the spring semester in Washington, D.C., meeting with Law School alumni who work in the field.

Transnational Legal Clinic in Haiti: Documenting Human Rights and Labor Rights for the United Nations

Six law students in the Transnational Legal Clinic, supervised by Practice Associate Professor Sarah Paoletti, travelled to Haiti over spring break to conduct on-the-ground research, interviews, and consultations in preparation for drafting a report on labor and human rights in Haiti to be submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council as part of the country's upcoming Universal Periodic Review.

Penn Law's Stephanos Bibas to Argue Case Before SCOTUS, Drawing on Students in Law School's Supreme Court Clinic

Professor Bibas has been assisted in the case of Tapia v. United States by students in Penn Law's Supreme Court Clinic, who have helped conduct research, draft the amicus curiae brief, and prepare strategy.

Penn Law’s Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic: Helping Community Economic Development

The ELC, led by Professor Praveen Kosuri, provides direct representation to entrepreneurs, businesses, and social entrepreneurs from underserved communities on matters such as business structuring, contract drafting and review, intellectual property, managing employees, negotiating, asset acquisitions and dispositions, business strategy, and regulatory requirements.

Penn Law Receives Major Gift to Launch IP and Technology Legal Clinic

The Detkin Intellectual Property and Technology Legal Clinic, named in recognition of the gift by Peter Detkin EE '82, L'85, will be designed to set a new standard for higher legal education in IP and technology by providing hands-on, practical experience along the technological, legal, and business pathways that comprise the commercialization of innovation.

Professor Rulli: Filling Gideon's Empty Chair

"An empty chair where a lawyer would normally sit if an indigent litigant could afford legal help undermines our promise of equal justice under law," writes Practice Professor and Clinical Director Louis Rulli in an article with Michael Carroll.

Class of 2010 Student Recognized for Outstanding Clinical Work

Rachel Stanton has received the CLEA Outstanding Student Award for her superb advocacy as a member of Penn Law's clinical programs.

Penn Law Transnational Legal Clinic Assists Liberian Refugees in Ghana

In March, students in Penn Law's Transnational Legal Clinic, led by Professor Sarah Paoletti, traveled to Ghana to meet with Liberian refugees. The information the Clinic gathered will result in a white paper that will provide recommendations to inter-governmental, governmental and non-governmental groups.

Penn Law Launches Supreme Court Clinic

Penn Law's new Supreme Court Clinic will be the first of the approximately half-dozen in the country that closely integrates clinic work with a semester-long academic seminar on the workings of the Court.