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Mediation Students


The Mediation Clinic consists of two main components:


Students receive intensive skills training and engage in observations of outside neutrals in actual adjudications and mediations. Using discussion, video, and simulation exercises, students learn the entire range of mediation skills prior to commencing fieldwork in the second half of the course. The classroom component continues with in-class discussion of student fieldwork experience, focused discussion of ethical issues and advanced skills topics and seminars on themes ranging from restorative justice to representation of clients in mediation.


Students are the frontline mediators in a wide array of cases. With a faculty supervisor present, students co-mediate an average of four to five cases per semester at courthouses, government agencies, and at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School in areas that include civil litigation, criminal, domestic, campus student discipline, international child custody disputes, and employment discrimination matters. Following every mediation, students debrief with the faculty supervisor to complete the learning experience.

Professor Douglas Frenkel with a mediation student Professor Douglas Frenkel with a mediation student