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Gittis Externships

Gittis Externships consist of pre-approved/standing externships offered in government and non-profit organizations in the Philadelphia area. There are two types of Gittis Externships. In the first type of Gittis Externship, no applications are required by the placement sites and students enroll by bidding on these placements during the normal Advance Course Registration period (students do not need to find a faculty supervisor as one has already been assigned). Most Gittis Externships are open to both second and third year students; third year students are given enrollment priority in Gittis externships during the normal Advance Course Registration bidding process. In the second type of Gittis Externship, the placement site requires an application, and they select the students to enroll. Students are not permitted to apply for an Ad Hoc Externship at a Gittis Placement Site (applications for these placements must follow the Gittis application program).