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ELC Students


The Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic (ELC) is the transactional practice group within the Gittis Center’s “teaching law firm,” which is housed on the ground floor of Silverman Hall. The ELC challenges upper-level students to integrate, apply, and practice the analytical skills and legal knowledge cultivated throughout the curriculum, as well as the research, writing, communications, professional, and executive skills introduced in Legal Practice Skills, Center on Professionalism programming, and simulation courses.

ELC students counsel for-profit and nonprofit entrepreneurs on a wide range of issues that arise from starting, operating, and growing their businesses. The ELC aims to provide the legal analysis that enables our client entrepreneurs to transform their passions and ideas into viable businesses and institutions that enhance their communities, while providing students with a unique opportunity to develop and enrich their professional capabilities.

Live-client experience introduces students to the relationship between substantive law and “lawyering,” requires students to recognize the importance of financial, personal, practical and other non-legal factors in advising business clients, and challenges students to identify and develop confidence in the unique personal character, lawyering style and values that each student will bring to the profession when they enter the bar.