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Criminal Defense Clinic: Information for Students


Course Details


One semester course offered both Fall and Spring semesters


5 credits (may drop one credit in exchange for satisfying 35 hours of student’s pro bono requirement)

Pre- or Co-requisites

Criminal Procedure and Evidence

Class Years

Open to JD 3L students and 2nd semester 2L students

Lawyering Skills Taught

  • Interviewing and counseling clients
  • How to conduct an effective investigation
  • Effectively arguing pre-trial suppression motions and speedy trial issues
  • How to best develop a case theory
  • Asserting affirmative defenses and evidentiary issues
  • Negotiating productively with the opposing party
  • How to best argue for bail reduction and sentencing
  • Extensive trial advocacy skills and techniques for representing clients in court in felony preliminary hearings and misdemeanor trials 

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Hands-On Criminal Defense Experience

Criminal Defense Clinic students protect the rights of the accused