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Clinic Student Resources

Clinic Student Resources

You will need to be logged in to your Clinic Account (not your default Penn Carey Law student account) to access these resources. 

Laptop Guidance

As closing approaches, don’t forget to check our laptop security guidance for advice about removing sensitive files and uninstalling programs.

Clinic Access

The Clinic office is open weekdays, 9am-5pm. Tap your PennCard to enter via the interior door any other times. Please note: your PennCard will not open the Sansom St. doors, but you can exit the Clinic office though those doors.

Timekeeping Reminder

Remember to report your time for the week in LegalServer. Your time is due by each Sunday night at 11pm. Instructions can be found under the LegalServer section of this page. 

Clinic Manuals 

Guidance and tips on expectations for client work, your responsibilities as a clinic student, and office procedures. 

Clinic Staff

with Clients & Others

Find instructions on how to send letters, faxes, and DocuSign requests to your clients and other persons/organizations.

Case Files:  Scanning, Printing & Saving Documents

Learn about your responsibility for managing your client files, including scanning, printing, and saving documents.

Client Meetings - Tech Resources 

When meeting with clients (either in person or remotely), these resources will help you navigate Zoom, record meetings, and provide your supervisor with a video of your meeting.

Using & Reserving Clinic Space

Student Expenses & Travel

Request reimbursement for Clinic-related expenses and SEPTA passes for in-town travel.

Cell Phone Guidance

Critical steps for safeguarding client information and securing your laptop or mobile device.