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Civil Practice Clinic

Our Civil Practice Clinic is where students represent indigent clients in state and federal courts and have an opportunity to develop their litigation skills under faculty supervision.

Civil Practice Clinic: going to court

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Lasting Lessons from the Civil Practice Clinic

Two Penn Carey Law School alumni who pursued New York City law firm employment after graduation credit their Civil Practice Clinic experiences for their professional success.

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Law School’s Civil Practice Clinic lets students ‘take the lead’

Students who participate in the Civil Practice Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School quickly discover that attorneys have the power to change their clients’ lives for the better in immediate, tangible ways.

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The Lawyer-Advocate in Litigation

Penn Carey Law’s Civil Practice Clinic puts students in the driver’s seat of challenging civil litigation.

Students enrolled in the Civil Practice Clinic (CPC) course join our teaching law firm, the Penn Legal Assistance Office. 

Students are assigned to individual faculty supervisors who possess substantial litigation experience and provide one-on-one case supervision, mentoring, and constructive feedback regarding student progress on a weekly basis.

In addition, students attend a twice-weekly classroom seminar that utilizes readings, film, exercises, and videotaped simulations with real actors to explore lawyering theory that is designed to strengthen students’ overall advocacy skills.

While preparing for their professional careers, students also perform a vital public service to the community by providing access to justice for individuals who need, but cannot afford, legal representation.

CPC students sharpen essential lawyering skills (video)

Recent Achievements

In Fall of 2022, Civil Practice Clinic students…

-Preserved housing stability for a low-income parent of two young children by helping the family avoid eviction. Students negotiated a settlement eliminating over $6,000 in alleged outstanding rent.

-Achieved the withdrawal of a five-figure lawsuit brought by a local hospital against the client who was led to believe that a necessary surgery was fully covered by insurance. The client feared losing her house over the debt, but now rests assured that she will be able to keep her home.

-Represented a mother with limited English fluency, helping her successfully obtained a guardianship court order allowing her to protect her adult son’s interests and assist him in making essential health care and financial decisions.

-And much more! The Civil Practice Clinic continues to help clients with issues including unpaid wages, tangled titles, eviction defense, disability benefits, consumer violations, and many other civil legal issues. Our students’ legal victories often have life-changing impact for their clients.

Achieving lifelong career value with Penn Law’s Civil Practice Clinic


Louis S. Rulli & Nick Hall: Serving Clients through Penn Law’s Clinics


Louis Rulli on Penn Law’s Civil Practice Clinic


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Please do not go to any other entrances of the Carey Law School.

Civil Practice Clinic

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