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Civil Practice Clinic

Our Civil Practice Clinic puts students in the driver’s seat of challenging civil litigation. Students provide access to justice for low-income clients by representing them in state and federal courts, while developing their own litigation skills.

Faculty supervisors provide one-on-one case supervision and mentoring, while a twice-weekly seminar strengthens students’ overall advocacy skills through readings, film, exercises, and simulations with actors.

Civil Practice Clinic: going to court

In the News

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Students in the Fall 2022 Civil Practice Clinic honed their lawyering skills while advocating for clients’ rights in housing, debt collection, guardianship, and more. 

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Lasting Lessons from the Civil Practice Clinic

Two Penn Carey Law School alumni who pursued New York City law firm employment after graduation credit their Civil Practice Clinic experiences for their professional success.

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Civil Forfeiture

Explore our resources for reporters, advocates, and residents facing civil asset forfeiture cases.

Civil Forfeiture Resource Page

Recent Achievements

  • In 2023, Civil Practice Clinic students…

    -Preserved housing stability for a low-income parent of two young children by helping the family avoid eviction. Students negotiated a settlement eliminating over $6,000 in alleged outstanding rent.

    -Began working with a disabled Northeast Philadelphia resident who urgently needs repairs to her home, as well as home modifications to accommodate her disability and enable her to remain independent in her home. The client did not qualify for home repair assistance programs, though she had lived in the house and paid the mortgage for 25 years, because she didn’t have legal title. Students are helping the client and the family member who gave her the house to draft and record a new deed so the client may obtain crucial modifications to her home.

    -Represented an elderly West Philadelphia homeowner who faced a lien on her house after a utility company refused to pay for damage they caused to her water line while conducting other repairs. The students represented the client in an arbitration hearing, obtaining an award of over $6,000 for their client — enough to cover the repairs and remove the lien from her home.

    -And much more! The Civil Practice Clinic continues to help clients with issues including unpaid wages, tangled titles, eviction defense, disability benefits, consumer violations, and many other civil legal issues. Our students’ legal victories often have life-changing impact for their clients.


Clinic Faculty

Alia Al-Khatib

Alia Al-Khatib

Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer, Civil Practice Clinic  
Louis Rulli

Louis S. Rulli

Shuster Practice Professor of Law, Director of Civil Practice Clinic & Legislative Clinic  
Jeremy Spiegel

Jeremy Spiegel

Lecturer in Law, Civil Practice Clinic  

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Civil Practice Clinic

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