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Advocacy for Racial and Civil  Justice Clinic

Advocacy for Racial and Civil Justice Clinic

The ARC Justice Clinic will provide students with hands-on experience working in civil rights litigation and policy advocacy in the Philadelphia region using a movement lawyering approach.

About the Clinic

The Advocacy for Racial and Civil (ARC) Justice Clinic, the Law School’s newest in-house clinic, will launch in the Spring 2023 semester. The Clinic will provide legal support to community members in the Philadelphia region organizing to demand redress for racial subordination in areas including education, public safety, economic justice, health justice, and environmental justice.  Students will represent clients in litigation at the trial and appellate level.  Students will learn to engage in movement lawyering and develop an integrated advocacy strategy that also includes organizing and policy advocacy, public education, and communications.  The ARC Justice Clinic is inspired in part by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous words that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

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In the News

The ARC Justice Clinic will prepare students to become civil rights advocates 


Clinic Faculty

Cara McClellan

Director of the Advocacy for Racial and Civil Justice Clinic and Practice Associate Professor of Law