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International & Comparative Law Research

David Abrams

Anita Allen

    The Offensive Internet: Speech, Privacy, and Reputation, 26 ETHICS & INT'L AFF. 152 (2012). (book review)

Regina Austin

Shyamkrishna Balganesh

    Codifying the Common Law of Property in India: Crystallization and Standardization as Strategies of Constraint, 63 AM. J. COMP. L. 33 (2015).

Stephanos Bibas

Stephen Burbank

William Burke-White


    Reframing Positive Complementarity: Reflections on the First Decade and Insights from the US Federal Criminal Justice System, in THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT AND COMPLEMENTARITY: FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE, (C. Stahn & M. Al Zeidy, eds., Oxford Univ. Press 2011).

    Standards of Review in Investor State Arbitration: A Comparative Public Law Approach (with Andreas von Staden), in INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT LAW AND COMPARATIVE PUBLIC LAW (Stephen W. Schill, ed., 2010).

    Implementing a Policy of Positive Complementarity in the Rome System of Justice, 19 CRIM. L.F. 59 (2008).

    Bargaining for Arrests at the International Criminal Court: A Response to Roper and Barria, 21 LEIDEN J. INT'L L. 477 (2008).

    Non-Precluded Measures Provisions, the State of Necessity, and State Liability for Investor Harms in Exceptional Circumstances (with Andreas von Staden), in LATIN AMERICAN INVESTMENT TREATY ARBITRATION. THE CONTROVERSIES AND CONFLICTS (Thomas E. Carbonneau, Mary H. Mourra, eds., Kluwer 2008).

    Complementarity in Practice: The International Criminal Court as Part of a System of Multi-Level Global Governance in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 18 LEIDEN J. INT’L L. 557 (2005).

Howard Chang

    LAW AND ECONOMICS OF IMMIGRATION (Howard Chang ed., Elgar 2015).

    Implications of Globalization and Trade for Water Quality in Transboundary Rivers, in GLOBAL CHANGE: IMPACTS ON WATER AND FOOD SECURITY 97 (Claudia Ringler et al. eds., 2010) (with Hilary Sigman).

Cary Coglianese

Angus Corbett

Deepa Das Acevedo

William Ewald

    The Complexity of Sources of Trans-National Law: United States Report, 58 AM. J. COMP. L. 59 (Suppl. 2010).

Eric Feldman

    What Judges Really Do: Judicial Settlement Conferences in Japan.

    Suing Doctors in Japan: Structure, Culture, and the Rise of Malpractice Litigation, in FAULT LINES: TORT LAW AS CULTURAL PRACTICE (Michael McCann and David Engel, eds., Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2009).

    Why Patients Sue Doctors: The Japanese Experience, 37 J. L. MED. & ETHICS 792 (2009).

    UNFILTERED: CONFLICTS OVER TOBACCO POLICY AND PUBLIC HEALTH (with Ronald Bayer, ed., Harvard Univ. Press 2004).


Claire Finkelstein

    TARGETED KILLINGS: LAW AND MORALITY IN AN ASYMMETRICAL WORLD (Claire Finkelstein, Jens Ohlin, & Andrew Altman, eds., Oxford University Press, 2012).

Michael Fitts

    Foreword: The Evolution of International Law, 30 U. PA. J. INT. L. at i-vi (2009) (Foreword to 30th Anniversary Issue Contributions).

Jean Galbraith

Geoffrey Hazard, Jr.

Michael Knoll

Seth Kreimer

Serena Mayeri

    Women: United States Law, in OXFORD INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LEGAL HISTORY (Stanley N. Katz, ed., 2009).

Charles Mooney Jr.


    Core Issues Under the UNIDROIT (Geneva) Convention on Intermediated Securities: Views From the United States and Japan, in INTERMEDIATED SECURITIES: LEGAL PROBLEMS AND PRACTICAL ISSUES 69 (Louise Gullifer & Jennifer Payne eds., Hart Publishing, 2010) (with Hideki Kanda).

    Private Law and the Regulation of Securities Intermediaries: Perspectives Under the Geneva Securities Convention and United States Law, 2010 UNIF. L. REV. 811.

    The (UNIDROIT) Geneva Securities Convention on Intermediated Securities, 24 BUTTERWORTH’S J. INT’L BANKING & FIN. L. 596 (2009).

    Insolvency Law as Credit Enhancement: The Insolvency-Related Provisions of the Cape Town Convention and the Aircraft Protocol, 13 INT’L INSOLVENCY REV. 24 (2004).

Sarah Paoletti

    International Human Rights and Law and Organizing as the Pillars in Building the Bridge to Overcome the Rights-Reality Divide for Migrant Workers

    How international are the international human rights of migrant workers? Understanding the extraterritorial reach of human rights obligations

    Preparing Lawyers for Practice in a Globalized World: A Proposal for Transnational Clinical Partnerships, in GLOBALIZATION: THE CRUCIAL PHASE (Brian Spooner, ed., Penn Press 2015)

    The Human Rights of Immigrants: Confronting the Legacy of 9/11, in THE 9/11 EFFECT AND ITS LEGACY ON U.S. IMMIGRATION LAWS: ESSAYS, REMARKS, AND PHOTOGRAPHS 57-60 (Penn State Law and The Pennsylvania State University, School of International Service, State College, Pa., Fall 2012).

    Using the Universal Periodic Review to Advance Human Rights What Happens in Geneva Must Not Stay in Geneva, 45 CLEARINGHOUSE REV. 268 (2011).

    Court Interpreters and Preserving Due Process in Criminal Proceedings, in ABA JUDGE’S GUIDE TO IMMIGRATION LAW IN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS (American Bar Association 2004).

    Inter-American Developments on Globalization’s Refugees: New Rights for Migrant Workers and Their Families, EUROPEAN YEARBOOK OF MINORITY ISSUES Vol. 3, 2003/4 ISBN 90 04 14820 0, 63-87 (co-author).

Gideon Parchomovsky

Wendell Pritchett

Curtis Reitz


Paul Robinson

Chris Sanchirico

Reed Shuldiner

Beth Simmons

    The Future of the Human Rights Movement, 28 ETHICS & INT'L AFFAIRS 183 (2014).

    Bargaining over BITs, Arbitrating Awards: The Regime for Protection and Promotion of International Investment, 66 WORLD POL. 12 (2014).

    Reflections on Mobilizing for Human Rights, 44 J. INT'L L. & POL. 729 (2012).

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    Credible Commitments and the International Criminal Court, 64 INT'L ORG. 225 (2010) (with Allison Danner).


    THE GLOBAL DIFFUSION OF MARKETS AND DEMOCRACY (ed. with Frank Dobbin & Geoffrey Garrett, Cambridge 2008).

    INTERNATIONAL LAW, 6 vols. (ed., Sage 2008).

David Skeel

    A Theory of Law Firm Globalization (unpublished manuscript, 2008) (with John Armour)

Shana Starobin

    Transnational Politics and Policy: From Two-Way to Three-Way Interactions (Feb. 2014), Jerusalem Papers in Regulation & Governance no. 62 (with David Levi Faur).

    Global Companies as Agents of Globalization, in THE HANDBOOK OF GLOBAL COMPANIES (John Mikler ed., Wiley 2013)

Leo Strine Jr.

Daniel Walters

Tobias Wolff

Christopher Yoo

Rangita de Silva de Alwis

Jacques deLisle

    Trading Places?: China, the WTO and the United States

    The Path of Administrative Law in China (with Neysun Mahboubi)

    A Great Divergence?:China and the United States, Economic and Security Relations and the Challenges for Lesser Powers in East Asia

    China’s Challenges: Reform Era Legacies and the Road Ahead, in CHINA’S CHALLENGES (Jacques deLisle and Avery Goldstein eds., Univ. of Pennsylvania 2015)

    Law and Democracy in China: A Complicated Relationship, in DEMOCRATIZATION IN CHINA, KOREA AND SOUTHEAST ASIA?: LOCAL AND NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES 126-140 (Shelley Rigger, Lynn White and Kate Zhou eds., 2014).

    China’s Legal System, in POLITICS IN CHINA: AN INTRODUCTION (William A. Joseph ed., 2014).

    Law and the Economy in China, in ROUTLEDGE HANDBOOK OF THE CHINESE ECONOMY (Gregory Chow and Dwight Perkins eds., Routledge 2014)

    Taiwan and Soft Power: Competing with China and Seeking Security, in POLITICAL CHANGES IN TAIWAN UNDER MA YING-JEOU: PARTISAN CONFLICT, POLICY CHOICES, EXTERNAL CONSTRAINTS AND SECURITY CHALLENGES (Jean-Pierre Cabestan & Jacques deLisle eds., 2014).

    Damages Remedies for Infringement of Human Rights under U.S. Law, 62 AM. J. COMP. L. (SUPP.) 457 (2014).

    From Economic Development to What—and Why?, in RETHINKING LAW AND DEVELOPMENT: THE CHINESE EXPERIENCE 107-145 (Yu Guanghua ed., 2013).

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    Troubled Waters: China's Claims and the South China Sea, 56 ORBIS 608 (2012).

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    Security First?: Lessons from the Roles of Law in Addressing Crises(?) in China, 4 J. NAT. SECURITY L. & POL'Y 397 (2010).

    Soft Power in a Hard Place: China, Taiwan, Cross-Strait Competition and U.S. Policy, 54 ORBIS 493 (2010).

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