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Health Law Research

David Abrams

    When Docs Snooze Do You Lose? Medical Resident Work Hours and Patient Outcomes.

Anita Allen

    Medicine in the Twenty-first Century: Ethical Means and Ends, in DIMENSIONS OF GOODNESS (Vittorio Hösle, ed., Cambridge Scholars, 2013).

    Is There a Right to Health?, 12 J. HUM. DEV. & CAPABILITIES 571 (2011)

    Commercial Speech Bruises Health Privacy in the Supreme Court, 41 HASTINGS CENTER REP. 8 (2011).

    Privacy and Confidentiality, in PENN CENTER GUIDE TO BIOETHICS (Vardit Ravitsky, Autumn Fiester, & Arthur L. Caplan, eds., Springer 2009).

Regina Austin


Tom Baker

    THE MEDICAL MALPRACTICE MYTH (University of Chicago Press 2005) (paperback 2007).

Mitchell Berman

Stephanos Bibas

    Neuroprediction, Violence, and the Law: Setting the Stage, 5 NEUROETHICS 67 (2012) (with Thomas Nadelhoffer, Scott Grafton, Kent A. Kiehl, Andrew Mansfield, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong & Michael Gazzaniga).

Eric Feldman

    A Solution in Search of a Problem? The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008.

    Letter, Expanding Long-Term Care Options for Persons with Serious Mental Illness, 313 J. AM. MED. ASS'N 1756 (2015) (with Mitchell D. Feldman and Saul Feldman).

    The Bioethics of Tobacco, in THE PENN CENTER GUIDE TO BIOETHICS (Vardit Ravitsky, Autumn Fiester, and Arthur Caplan, eds., NY: Springer Publishing Company, 2009).

    Suing Doctors in Japan: Structure, Culture, and the Rise of Malpractice Litigation, in FAULT LINES: TORT LAW AS CULTURAL PRACTICE (Michael McCann and David Engel, eds., Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2009).

    Why Patients Sue Doctors: The Japanese Experience, 37 J. L. MED. & ETHICS 792 (2009).


Adam Finkel

Douglas Frenkel

    Words That Heal, 140(6) ANNALS OF INTERNAL MED. 482 (March 16, 2004) (editorial essay, with C. Liebman).

Gregory Hall

    Distributing Mental Health-Related Torts

Gus Hurwitz

    Indexing Health Insurance Premiums to Marginal Health Status: A Spoonful of Economics Helps the Premiums go Down, 12 DePaul J. Health Care L. 43 (2009)

Jonathan Klick

    The Relationship between Abortion Liberalization and Sexual Behavior: International Evidence, 14 AM. L. & ECON. REV. 457 (2012). (with Sven Neelsen & Thomas Stratmann)

    Abortion Access and Risky Sex, in RESEARCH HANDBOOK ON THE ECONOMICS OF FAMILY LAW (Lloyd R. Cohen & Joshua D. Wright eds., Elgar 2011).

    A More Equitable and Efficient Approach to Insuring the Uninsurable, in THE FRAGMENTATION OF U.S. HEALTH CARE: CAUSES AND SOLUTIONS (Einer Elhauge, ed., Oxford: 2010) (with Eric Helland).

Serena Mayeri

    Queering the History of Sex Discrimination, Book Review of Phil Tiemeyer, PLANE QUEER: LABOR, SEXUALITY, AND AIDS IN THE HISTORY OF MALE FLIGHT ATTENDANTS, Jotwell, February 2015.

Stephen Morse

    Legal Regulation of Addictive Substances and Addiction, in ADDICTION NEUROETHICS: THE ETHICS OF ADDICTION NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH AND TREATMENT 261 (Adrian Carter et al. eds., 2012).

    Neuroimaging Evidence in Law: A Plea for Modesty and Relevance, in NEUROIMAGING IN FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY: FROM THE CLINIC TO THE COURTROOM 341 (Joseph R. Simpson ed., Wiley-Blackwell, 2012).

    The Future of Neuroscientific Evidence, in THE FUTURE OF EVIDENCE: HOW SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY WILL CHANGE THE PRACTICE OF LAW 137 (Carol Henderson & Jules Epstein eds., ABA Publishing: 2011).

    The Status of NeuroLaw: A Plea for Current Modesty and Future Cautious Optimism, 39 J. PSYCHIATRY & L. 595 (2011).

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Gideon Parchomovsky

    Quasi-Patents and Semi-Patents in Biobanking, in COMPARATIVE ISSUES IN THE GOVERNANCE OF RESEARCH BIOBANKS: PROPERTY, PRIVACY, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, AND THE ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY 251 (Giovanni Pascuzzi, et al. eds., Springer Verlag 2013).

Dorothy Roberts

    Movement Intersectionality: The Case of Race, Gender, Disability, and Genetic Technologies, 10 DUBOIS REV. 313 (2013) (with Sujatha Jesudason).

    Law, Race, and Biotechnology: Toward a Biopolitical and Transdisciplinary Paradigm, 18 ANN. REV. L. & SOC. SCI. 149 (2013)

    Debating the Cause of Health Disparities -- Implications for Bioethics and Racial Equality, 21 CAMBRIDGE Q. HEALTHCARE ETHICS 332 (2012).

    Race, Gender, and the Conflation of Biological and Social Issues, 9 DUBOIS REV. 235 (2012) (book review).


    Race and the New Biocitizen, in WHAT'S THE USE OF RACE 259 (Ian Whitmarsh & David Jones, eds., MIT Press, 2010).

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    SEX, POWER, AND TABOO: GENDER AND HIV IN THE CARIBBEAN AND BEYOND (with Rhoda Reddock, Dianne Douglas & Sandra Reid, Ian Randle Publishers, 2009)

    Sick and Tired: Working Women and Their Health, in THE SHRIVER REPORT: A WOMAN'S NATION CHANGES EVERYTHING 122 (Heather Boushey & Ann O'Leary, eds., The Center for American Progress, 2009). (with Jessica Arons)

    Margaret Sanger and the Racial Origins of the Birth Control Movement, in RACIALLY WRITING THE REPUBLIC: RACISTS, RACE REBELS, AND TRANSFORMATIONS OF AMERICAN IDENTITY 196 (Bruce Baum & Duchess Harris, eds., Duke University Press, 2009).

    Is Race-Based Medicine Good for Us?: African-American Approaches to Race, Biotechnology, and Equality, 36 J.L. MED. & ETHICS 537 (2008).

Theodore Ruger

    The Ghosts of Health Law Past (and a Glimpse of Its Future).

    After the FDA: A Twentieth-Century Agency in a Postmodern World, in FDA IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY: THE CHALLENGES OF REGULATING DRUGS AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES (Holly Fernandez Lynch and I. Glenn Cohen, eds, Columbia U. Press, 2015).

    "Our Federalism" Moves Indoors, 38 J. HEALTH POL. POL'Y. & L. 283 (2013).

    Gonzales v. Oregon and the Supreme Court’s (Re)Turn to Constitutional Theory, 34 J. L. MED. & ETHICS 817 (2006).

Nadia Sawicki

Catherine Struve

    Expertise and the Legal Process, in MEDICAL MALPRACTICE AND THE U.S. HEALTHCARE SYSTEM: NEW CENTURY, DIFFERENT ISSUES (William M. Sage & Rogan Kersh eds., Cambridge Univ. Press, 2006).

Amy Wax

    Choice and Coercion in Feminist Theory: The Case of Women in Science Careers

    The Law and Neuroscience of Deprivation (with Martha Farah)

    Against Perversity: Horizontal Equity and Poor Relief

Susan Yeh

    Redistribution and Health Inequalities

    Do Laws Influence Social Norms? Unintended Consequences of Obesity Laws,” 81 U. CIN. L. REV.