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Philosophy Research

Anita Allen

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Regina Austin

Shyamkrishna Balganesh

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Mitchell Berman

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Stephanos Bibas

Howard Chang

Ryan Doerfler

William Ewald


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Claire Finkelstein

    Contract Under Coercion: Should You Keep a Contract with a Robber? (manuscript available upon request).

    CONTRACTARIAN LEGAL THEORY (book manuscript available upon request).

    On Doing Something Unintended, Intentionally.

    Hobbes on Contract

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Michael Fitts

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Samuel Freeman

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Jean Galbraith

Jonah Gelbach

Michele Goldfarb


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Sarah Gordon

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David Hoffman

Herbert Hovenkamp

Leo Katz

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Seth Kreimer

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Howard Lesnick


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Charles Mooney Jr.

Stephen Morse

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Gideon Parchomovsky

Stephen Perry

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Paul Robinson

Kermit Roosevelt

Theodore Ruger

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Louis Rulli

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Chris Sanchirico

David Skeel


Catherine Struve

R. Polk Wagner

Amy Wax

    Against Perversity: Horizontal Equity and Poor Relief

    Trust Me I’m an Expert: Scientific and Legal Expertise in Scalia’s Jurisprudence, in SCALIA'S CONSTITUTION: ESSAYS ON LAW AND EDUCATION 103 (Palgrave 2018).

Tess Wilkinson-Ryan

Tobias Wolff

Christopher Yoo