Criminal Law: Case Studies and Controversies


About the Text

Take a new approach to criminal law, with an innovative casebook that injects human interest into a course many students have found dry or difficult, with Criminal Law: Case Studies and Controversies. The skillful use of case studies as a vehicle for exploring the full range of criminal law makes this casebook distinctly compelling.

For each topic area, this carefully crafted text conveys traditional material in a refreshing and engaging new format . . .

  • A case study provides a detailed story about the people and events leading up to the offense; the text even includes 120 photographs related to the crime stories presented
  • Provocative and timely cases from a wide variety of jurisdictions are followed by the then-existing statutes relevant to the case. The Teacher s Manual contains an aftermath for each story, plus any court opinions in the case, allowing instructors to compare their in-class legal analysis to the actual resolution
  • Treatise-like summary of the law gives students an overview of the law, introduces the underlying theoretical principles, and provides context on the law of the jurisdiction of the section s principal case
  • Problem cases allow students to test their mastery of the legal summaries
  • Exploration of the current controversy in each area of law discussed, with materials that include views on each side of the question, to help develop students' analytic and argument skills

Teacher's Manual Assists Instructors with . . .

  • The “aftermath” of each case in the text
  • Legal analysis of all principal cases and problem cases
  • Summary of the arguments on each side of the highlighted controversies
  • Teaching suggestions for each section of the book
  • Summary sheets for use in class