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Samuel Freeman

Avalon Professor in the Humanities, Professor of Philosophy and Law

Samuel Freeman

Samuel Freeman works in social and political philosophy, ethics, and philosophy of law. He has written books on Liberalism and Distributive Justice (Oxford 2018), Justice and the Social Contract (Oxford 2006), and on the political philosophy of John Rawls (Rawls, Routledge, 2007). He edited the Cambridge Companion to Rawls (2003), as well as John Rawls’s Lectures on the History of Political Philosophy (2007) and his Collected Papers (1999). He is currently working on a manuscript on liberalism and libertarianism.

Articles and Book Chapters

Constructivism, Facts, and Moral Justification, CONTEMPORARY DEBATES IN POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY, Thomas Christiano, ed. (Oxford, UK: Blackwell, 2009)

The Original Position, in STANFORD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PHILOSOPHY (2008), (over 20,000 words).

RAWLS (Routledge 2007).

John Rawls: An Overview, in THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO RAWLS 1 (ed., Cambridge University Press 2002).


Congruence and the Good of Justice, in THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO RAWLS (ed., Cambridge University Press 2002).

THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO RAWLS (ed., Cambridge University Press, 2002).

Illiberal Libertarians: Why Libertarianism is not a Liberal View, 30 PHIL. & PUB. AFF. 105 (Spring 2001).

Deontology, in ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ETHICS 391 (Lawrence Becker ed., 2d edition, Routledge 2001).

Deliberative Democracy: A Sympathetic Comment, 29 PHIL. & PUB. AFF. 371 (Fall 2000).

JOHN RAWLS: COLLECTED PAPERS (ed., Harvard University Press, 1999).

Liberalism, Inalienability, and Rights of Drug Use, in DRUGS AND THE LIMITS OF LIBERALISM 110 (Pablo DeGreiff ed., Cornell University Press 1999).

Constitutional Democracy and the Legitimacy of Judicial Review, 9 LAW & PHIL. 327 (November 1990).

More publications can be found here.

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