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Publications at Penn Law

The Penn Law faculty are engaged in a wide array of scholarship in traditional, cross-disciplinary and cutting-edge areas of inquiry. This newly created section of our website, which we will continue to populate in the months ahead, gives you access and the ability to search current and earlier work.


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11 publications matched your search.

"Rodent Tests Continue to Save Human Lives," Washington Times, December 12, 1994, pp. 20-22.
Author:  Adam Menasha Finkel

"Solution-Focused Risk Assessment": A Proposal for the Fusion of Environmental Analysis and Action." Human and Ecological Risk Assessment,17:754-787 (2011). Also five invited commentaries following the article (J. Clarence Davies, Bernard Goldstein, Bruce Hope, Gilbert Omenn, and Dennis Paustenbach), pp. 788-812.
Author:  Adam Menasha Finkel

A Cost-Benefit Interpretation of the "Substantially Similar" Hurdle in the Congressional Review Act: Can OSHA Ever Utter the E-Word (Ergonomics) Again? 63 ADMIN. L. REV, 707-784 (2011).
Authors:  Adam Menasha Finkel and Jason W. Sullivan

A Second Opinion on an Environmental Misdiagnosis: The Risky Prescriptions of Breaking the Vicious Circle, 3 N.Y.U. ENVTL. L.J. 295 (1994-1995).
Author:  Adam Menasha Finkel

A Simple Formula for Calculating the ‘Mass Density’ of a Lognormally-Distributed Characteristic: Applications to Risk Analysis, 10 RISK ANALYSIS 291 (1990).
Author:  Adam Menasha Finkel

Book Review, 9 J. INDUS. ECOLOGY 243 (2005) (reviewing CASS SUNSTEIN, RISK AND REASON).
Author:  Adam Menasha Finkel

IMPORT SAFETY: REGULATORY GOVERNANCE IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY (Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 2009) (with Adam Finkel & David Zaring).
Authors:  Cary Coglianese and Adam Menasha Finkel

Integrity of Scientific Evaluations by Government Agencies, 13 INT’L J. OCCUPATIONAL & ENVT’L HEALTH 128 (2007).
Author:  Adam Menasha Finkel

New Technologies and Constitutional Law, in ROUTLEDGE HANDBOOK OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 485–94 (Mark Tushnet et al. eds., 2012) (with Thomas Fetzer).
Authors:  Adam Menasha Finkel and Christopher S. Yoo

Perceiving Others’ Perceptions of Risk: Still a Task for Sisyphus, 1128 ANNALS N.Y. ACAD. SCI. 121-137 (2008) (volume entitled STRATEGIES FOR RISK COMMUNICATION: EVOLUTION, EVIDENCE, EXPERIENCE).
Author:  Adam Menasha Finkel

Protecting People in Spite of—Or Thanks To—the ‘Veil of Ignorance’, in GENOMICS AND ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION: SCIENCE, ETHICS, AND LAW 290-342 (Ch. 17) (Richard R. Sharp, Gary E. Marchant, and Jamie A. Grodsky, eds., Johns Hopkins Univ. Press 2008).
Author:  Adam Menasha Finkel