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Author: Yoo, Christopher S.
Citation: Foreword: Presidential Power in Historical Perspective, 12 U. PA. J. CONST'L L. 241 (2010).
Date Published: 2010
Date Posted: 01/16/2009
Subjects: Law and History
Law and Regulatory Systems
Public Law and the Constitution
Keywords: Legal History
Separation of Powers
Constitutional Law
Government Regulation
On February 6 and 7, 2009, more than three dozen of the nation’s most distinguished commentators on presidential power gathered in Philadelphia to explore themes raised by a book authored by Steven Calabresi and I co-authored reviewing the history of presidential practices with respect to the unitary executive. The conference honoring our book and the special journal issue bringing together the articles presented there provide a welcome opportunity both to look backwards on the history of our project and to look forwards at the questions yet to be answered.