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Author: MacKinnon, Rebecca
Citation: Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle for Internet Freedom
Date Published: 2012
Date Posted: 07/07/2013
Subjects: Human Rights Law
Law and the Global Community
Law, Technology and Communications
Keywords: Politics
Post-Soviet Law
Privacy Law
Public Interest
Science and Technology
Chinese Law and Politics
Civil Rights
Computer Law
Free Speech
Government Regulation
Human Rights Law
Information Law
Intellectual Property Law
Law and Technology
Terrorism and Democracy
A global struggle for control of the Internet is now underway. At stake are no less than civil liberties, privacy and even the character of democracy in the 21st century. Many commentators have debated whether the Internet is ultimately a force for freedom of expression and political liberation, or for alienation, and repression. Rebecca MacKinnon moves the debate about the Internet’s political impact to a new level. It is time, she says, to stop arguing over whether the Internet empowers individuals and societies, and address the more fundamental and urgent question of how technology should be structured and governed to support the rights and liberties of all the world’s Internet users.