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Author: Corbett, Angus
Citation: Angus Corbett, “A Systems Approach to Regulatory Excellence”, in Cary Coglianese (ed), Achieving Regulatory Excellence (Brookings Institution Press, 2016), Chapter 16.
Date Published: 2016
Date Posted: 01/04/2018
Subjects: Law and Regulatory Systems
"A Systems Approach to Regulatory Excellence" is part of the larger project of seeking to provide practical guidance for regulators in diverse domains about how to achieve regulatory excellence. This chapter defines the problem of achieving regulatory excellence by reference to the question of how regulators can influence complex systems to achieve public policy outcomes. It outlines the problems that regulators face as they set out to understand and influence the interactions betweens humans and institutions that support complex systems. It outlines the stance that regulators should adopt in relation to complex systems. In particular it addresses the question of what regulators need to know about complex systems and what capacities they need to develop in order to develop and make use of this knowledge. It emphasizes the need for regulators to evaluate continuously the impact of regulation on the interactions between stakeholders that support complex systems and the need for regulators to be nimble in their responses to these changes.