The current volume of the Criminal Law Conversations project is complete. It will be published by Oxford University Press in 2009.

Leading Scholars Debate the Fundamental Questions of Modern Criminal Law

The status table below summarizes the current submissions to the Criminal Law Conversations project. The entries in lighter blue are nominations to serve as "core texts" on which others, in darker blue, are commenting. The Introduction tab above gives more details about the project and explains how you can join in if you are a full-time criminal law scholar.

The "Phase" column in the table tells you where each "conversation" is in its development: starting with the nomination of a core text, expressions of interest in commenting, the posting of draft core texts and comments, and the posting of comment replies by the core text author. The most active conversations will be published together in a volume next year. Another volume may follow in the future. Items not published may be permanently posted.

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