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Leo Strine L'88

Adjunct Professor of Law

Leo Strine

On June 22, 2011, Leo E. Strine, Jr., became Chancellor of the Delaware Court of Chancery. Before becoming Chancellor, Chancellor Strine had served since November 9, 1998 as a Vice Chancellor of the Court. Since he joined the Court, Chancellor Strine has written numerous opinions, particularly in the area of corporation law. Among the opinions Chancellor Strine has authored are: In re Dollar Thrifty S’holder Litig., 14 A.3d 573 (Del. Ch. 2010); Yucaipa American Alliance Fund II, L.P. v. Riggio, 1 A.3d 310 (Del. Ch. 2010); In Re American Intern. Group, Inc., Del. Ch., 965 A.2d 763 (2009); Alliance Data v. Blackstone Capital, 963 A.2d 746 (Del. Ch. 2009); In re American Int’l Group, Inc. Derivative Litig., 976 A.2d 872 (Del. Ch. 2009); In re Netsmart Technologies, Inc. Shareholders Litigation, 924 A.2d 171 (Del. Ch. 2007); Desimone v. Barrows, 924 A.2d 908 (Del. Ch. 2007); In re Lear Corp. Shareholder Litigation, 926 A.2d 94 (Del. Ch. 2007); In re Topps Co. Shareholders Litigation, 924 A.2d 951 (Del. Ch. 2007); Trenwick America Litigation Trust v. Ernst & Young, L.L.P., 906 A.2d 168 (Del. Ch. 2006); In re Cox Communications Inc., 879 A.2d 604 (Del. Ch. 2005); In re Toys “R” Us, Inc. Shareholder Litigation, 877 A.2d 975 (Del. Ch. 2005); Hollinger Int’l, Inc. v. Black, 844 A.2d 1022 (Del. Ch. 2004); Production Resources Group, L.L.C. v. NCT Group, Inc., 863 A.2d 772 (Del. Ch. 2004); In re Pure Resources, Inc., Shareholders Litigation, 808 A.2d 421 (Del. Ch. 2002); IBP, Inc. v. Tyson Foods Inc., 789 A.2d 14 (Del. Ch. 2001); In re Pennaco Energy, Inc. Shareholders Litig., Del. Ch., 787 A.2d 691 (Del. Ch 2001); Chesapeake Corp. v. Shore, 771 A.2d 293 (Del. Ch. 2000); In re Gaylord Container Corp. Shareholders Litig., 753 A.2d 462 (Del. Ch. 2000); Ace, Ltd. v. Capital Re Corp., 747 A.2d 95 (Del. Ch. 1999).

In addition, Chancellor Strine speaks frequently on the subject of corporation law, at diverse forums such as the New York University Center for Law and Business; the University of Pennsylvania’s Corporate Law Conference; the Tulane Corporate Law Institute; Director’s Colleges at Stanford Law School, Duke University, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business; and the San Diego Securities Law Institute sponsored by Northwestern University School of Law. He has also authored many articles on business law topics in publications including The Business Lawyer, University of Chicago Law Review, Cornell Law Review, Delaware Journal of Corporation Law, Duke Law Journal, Harvard Law Review, Northwestern University Law Review, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, University of Southern California Law Review, Stanford Law Review and University of Toronto Law Journal.  On several occasions, Chancellor Strine’s articles have been selected as among the Best Corporate and Securities Articles of the year, based on the choices of academic teachers.
Chancellor Strine holds long-standing adjunct teaching positions at the Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt and UCLA Schools of Law, where he has and continues to teach diverse classes in corporate law addressing, among other topics, mergers and acquisitions, the role of independent directors, valuation, and corporate law theories. Chancellor Strine also serves as a Senior Fellow of the Harvard Program on Corporate Governance, as well as the Austin Wakeman Scott Lecturer in Law at the Harvard Law School. Since 2006 to the present, Chancellor Strine has served as the special judicial consultant to the ABA’s Committee on Corporate Laws.


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